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- 02/05/24 16:30 CEST

NoSpread in SCUM: Precision Aiming in the World's Most Hardcore Prison

SCUM, with its unique take on survival realism set in a brutal televised prison riot, pushes players to their limits. Competing not only against the harsh elements but also against highly skilled opponents, your firearms become vital tools for dominance. Amidst this high-stakes environment, the 'NoSpread' feature becomes a crucial talking point among the SCUM community. Here's our deep dive into its role in this complex simulation.

Grasping NoSpread in SCUM

  1. A Game of Precision: In SCUM, every decision, movement, and bullet counts. The line between success and a disastrous end is paper-thin.
  2. The Core of NoSpread: Simply put, NoSpread ensures that bullets, when fired, follow a straight path without random deviations. This means they hit exactly where they're aimed, with no unexpected diversions.

How NoSpread Reshapes SCUM's Combat

  1. Long-Range Engagements: Given SCUM's vast landscapes and tactical encounters, NoSpread could redefine distant sniping duels, making every single bullet crucial.
  2. Intense Close-Combat: Urban skirmishes and forest ambushes could see a change in dynamics. Predictable bullet trajectories could lead to faster and more decisive outcomes.
  3. Rethinking Tactical Approaches: With bullets following a fixed path, players might need to reconsider their strategies in ambushes, raids, and defenses.

Probing Deeper: NoSpread's Role in SCUM

  1. SCUM's Weapon Diversity: The game has a variety of weapons, each boasting unique mechanics. Introducing NoSpread might shift the meta, favoring certain weapons over others.
  2. The Skill Learning Curve: Mastering SCUM's realistic weapon mechanics is part of its appeal. NoSpread could redefine this learning curve, impacting both rookies and seasoned players.
  3. Developer Vision from Gamepires: Gamepires is committed to crafting a survival experience that's both challenging and authentic. It's crucial that any gameplay changes resonate with their vision for SCUM.

Developer Insights

Ensuring a balanced and hyper-realistic survival realm remains a top priority for Gamepires. They have consistently shown dedication to the genuine SCUM experience.


While NoSpread promises a refined precision in SCUM's firefights, it's imperative to gauge its broader implications on the game's established balance. SCUM is celebrated for its unparalleled survival realism combined with intricate player dynamics. Any tweaks to this intricate system must be carefully considered, ensuring they uphold the game's foundational principles.

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