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Potential vs. Current Talent in FIFA Career Mode

If Career mode is your mode of choice in FIFA, then that’s only the start of deciding your strategy and the way that you’re going to approach the career. There are two major decisions that you can make when you’re starting a career, and we’re going to explore them today. We’ll be looking at the pros and cons of opting for potential talent or current talent.

Potential Talent

Potential talent is some of the highest-valued in FIFA’s career mode because these players can do a lot more for your team over the course of years instead of a short period of time. These are players that you can develop and mold into a role that you need for your team, instead of hoping they fit.

This allows you to essentially create the player that you want through training, though you’ll still have to stick to what they’re good at. While you won’t be able to turn a striker into a center back, you’ll be able to choose whether your striker is a good dribbler or simply excels at finishing.

Players that have potential talent can be hard to find, which is why the game has such an in-depth scouting system. However, if you’re not willing to spend the time scouting players, you can always find guides online to the players with the most potential talent in the game. This saves you time, energy, and money that you would otherwise spend on scouts.

The thing about players with a lot of potential talent is that they are extremely expensive and they may not even be able to provide you with the best performance right off the bat. This means that you’ll need to be patient, playing a longer career so that you can get the most for your money.

Current Talent

If you’re playing Career mode with a better team, then you’re going to need to try and make the most of your opportunities to win immediately. A lot of the time, this means using a lot of your transfer budget so that you can get the titles that you believe your team deserves ASAP.

If you’re going to take this approach to Career mode, then opting for potential talent may not work out quite as well as you hope it will. This is largely due to the long development time and the high price of players who can potentially be the next round of superstars.

Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you should hire players that are at the end of their careers, since you never know when they’re actually going to retire. You can potentially pay a huge sum for a player like Ronaldo or Messi and then have them retire within a year of purchasing them.

However, if you purchase a player that is around 30 and already well-trained, then you’ll be in a good position to make use of your team’s current skills so that you can win something like the Champions League.

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