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Rust: Before I Cheated vs. After I Cheated

By Tom Capper – Updated July 28th, 2021


Rust is a game that takes a lot of effort and dedication on the part of the player, but there are a few ways to make your time playing Rust more enjoyable. One of the more obvious methods at your disposal is using cheats, and I’m going to explore how hacking in Rust improved the game for me dramatically.

I Was Struggling to Progress Through Technologies Before Cheating

When I first saw gameplay of Rust, one of the first things that sold me on it is that you start with nothing but a rock. While this may seem like a weird reason to like a game, there’s an underlying reason why I found this so impressive, and it has to do with how you progress through tech levels in the game.

There are nearly no games that allow you to go from being what is essentially a caveman to being able to fly a helicopter and rain fire down on your opponents. The sad part is that the vast majority of the people who play Rust will never experience this because of the difficulty of progressing through tech levels.

Along with fighting other players for scarce resources and simply getting distracted with other games, it can be challenging to make your way through the various technologies available to you. However, when I started using cheats, it became a lot easier for me to get things like guns.

The best thing about getting better tech in Rust is that every upgrade to your equipment makes it easier to progress even further. Since it will be harder for enemies to fight you when you have good equipment, you’ll be able to raid them and steal more of their building materials that they may be hoarding.

PvP is a Lot More Fun With Cheats

There are a few different ways to play Rust. Some players choose to keep to themselves, avoiding all signs of conflict, while others run towards the sound of gunfire. When I first started playing Rust, I was terrified of the idea of fighting other players, especially since the best thing I had was a crossbow.

However, over time, you start getting braver and braver, and fighting other players doesn’t seem like the challenge that it once was. That being said, you’ll still run the risk of getting killed and losing some valuable gear or resources, but when I started using cheats, my whole perception of PvP changed.

When you have tools like ESPs to keep track of enemy positions, you no longer feel so vulnerable when you’re fighting other players. Since you know where everyone is, you’ll be able to fight them on your terms, keeping them at a range where you can play to the strengths of your weapons.

That’s just the start of things, though. Using an aimbot will allow you to destroy your opponents without them really having a chance. You can even beat someone who has a gun with a crossbow with an accurate enough aimbot, making it a lot easier to get your hands on some good equipment.

My Friends Have Even Gotten Back Into Rust

Before I started hacking in Rust, I was in a position where I was the only person in my friend group playing the game. Some of my friends had tried Rust out but they ended up giving up on the game when they saw how much effort they had to put into it so that they could progress.

However, when I started hacking in Rust, all of my friends flocked back to the game because they saw how much loot I had amassed over a short period of time. Cheats have now turned me into the de facto leader of our little group, and I have to admit that it’s a lot of fun leading a band of my friends around the wastelands.

Now I Can Explore What the Game Has to Offer

One of the worst things about my experience playing Rust before I started using cheats was that I felt so limited. It was hard to get the most out of the game when I had no idea what to do and how to get the things that I wanted.

However, now that I’ve started cheating, I’m able to use the breadth of the game’s technologies to my advantage. I can make my way around the map and do the activities that I want to do without worrying about undoing a lot of the hard work that I’ve put into the game.

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