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Rust Best Weapons

While Rust is technically a survival game, it contains plenty of combat thanks to its post-apocalyptic setting and the many weapons that fill the game. Compared to most other survival titles, the sheer variety of weapons that you can use can sometimes get intimidating, especially if you don’t know the pros and cons of each of them.

To make the job of finding the best weapon in Rust easier on you, we’ve gone ahead and created this guide to the top weapons in the game. Keep in mind that we won’t only focus on the best-performing weapons (though there will be plenty of those), we’ll also look at the most convenient and affordable choices relative to combat effectiveness.


If you’re looking for the best possible weapon in Rust, many people will agree that it’s the M249 light machine gun. This LMG allows you to lay down a withering volley of fire at anyone or anything that tries to come after you, including pesky helicopters that just don’t seem to leave you alone.

The gun features a high damage level and it can typically only be obtained from attack helicopter crates and APC crates. This means that you’ll need to have good ambush skills and a group that’s able to take on some of the game’s top challenges if you want to get access to the M249, but after that, you’ll be set.


The AK is one of the most popular weapons in Rust, and with good reason. This weapon combines relative combat effectiveness with being common enough to keep on you at least semi-regularly, especially when you get to higher technological levels and you’ve progressed a bit.

One of the factors that makes the AK so much more common than other assault rifles is that it can be crafted. While it’s pretty pricey to craft, this makes it pretty common because you can reliably get your hands on it as long as you have enough resources stashed away at your base.

Bolt Action Rifle

Yet another relatively common weapon that you can use to great effect is the bolt action rifle. Much like the AK, you can craft it so you’ll find plenty of players sporting it once they’ve mastered the tech enough to reliably make them and they’ve amassed a large enough stockpile of materials.

The best thing about the bolt action rifle is that it’s a precise weapon that works well out to long range. If you’re able to kill someone before they even get close to you, then you’re a lot less likely to die. Provided you’re able to aim reasonably well, the bolt action rifle should be a great choice of weapon for you.


If you’re a fan of sniper rifles in other games, then the L96 should be right up your alley. Once again, as with many powerful weapons in the game, the L96 is only available through APC crates, helicopter crates, locked crates, oil rig locked crates, and some other end-game sources.

In spite of its rarity, the L96 is an extremely powerful weapon that you can use to engage enemies at distances much further than a bolt action rifle. As we’ve already explained, being able to fight people at longer distances makes you deadlier due to the potential deadliness of a headshot with a rifle.

Grenade Launcher

The multiple grenade launcher is one of the deadliest weapons in Rust due to its magazine-fed design, allowing you to quickly saturate an area with explosives. If you’re trying to kill a group of enemies as efficiently as possible, the six shots in this grenade launcher’s magazine will make that easier.

As an added bonus, the multiple grenade launcher features a quick reload time. The one downside is that this means you’ll be running through ammo very quickly. Another downside is that you can’t craft ammo for the grenade launcher, so you’ll need to try and conserve as much as possible.


If you’re looking for the AK’s big brother with better performance in the assault rifle category, then you’ll be well-served by the LR-300. This rifle is an advanced AR-15-style design that is much more accurate than many other weapons in its category.

In most cases, you can expect to get the LR-300 out of loot crates like APC crates, locked crates, helicopter crates, oil rig crates, and heavy scientist drps. You can also purchase the weapon at the bandit camp for 500 scrap, though that’s a pretty steep price to pay.


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