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SCUM Intel hack has been added to our listings!

[SCUM] – A new product has been added to our listings! Intel!

Supports Intel CPU only


DX11 and DX12 Support!
- Streamproof DX11
- Targets : Players
Character Esp
- Entities : Players, Zombies and Sentries
Warning Sytem
- Awereness of Players, Zombies and Sentries around you
- Draw a line when a sentry or zombie targets you
- Show in hud the amount of sentry or zombie targetting you
Object ESP
- All in-game itmes
Animal ESP
- All wildlife
Item teleport
- Teleport items to player
- Set current time (and lock it)
- Set fog density
- Set sun intensity
No Recoil
No Spread
Never malfunctions
Weapon Info
- Show ammo count
- Show malfunction type
- Show equipped weapon
- Draw players
- Draw zombies
- Draw sentries


More info about SCUM Intel can be found here:

SCUM Intel Hack

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