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Some of Our Favorite Caldera Drop Spots in Warzone Pacific

Both Call of Duty multiplayer fans and Warzone fans alike rejoiced earlier in December when the first season of Call of Duty Vanguard came out. While some members of the community are pointing out that Call of Duty releases are growing more and more unfinished upon release by the year, some fans are just happy that the game is in better shape now.

With the release of Season 1, we now have access to the Caldera map, bringing Call of Duty Warzone into the Warzone Pacific era. We’re going to take a look at some of the top drop points on the new Caldera map over the course of this guide so that it’s easier for you to hit the ground running when you play it.


Downtown is probably one of the first areas that you’re going to come across when you play Warzone Pacific because of its large size and the huge number of players that will be heading there. If you’re a fan of close-quarters urban combat, then you’ll probably be a fan of this area.

Much like the Downtown area in Verdansk, the one in Caldera features a huge range of buildings that you can enter and exit and an equal amount of loot spread around the area. Be sure to check the rooftops of buildings and their interiors as you explore the area and grab what you can find.

Phosphate Mines

The Phosphate Mines are reminiscent of certain parts of Verdansk, as well, namely the Salt Mines and the Quarry, depending on what version of the map you remember best. This part of the map features both indoor and outdoor areas as well as quarried galleries that make for good long-ranged engagements.

One of the best things about the Phosphate Mines is that they’re more centrally located than the mine in Verdansk, meaning that it likely will still be within the first safe zone. If you’re trying to set up a camp for yourself and your teammates, then this is a pretty good spot to set up shop.


Airfields have always been popular spots in Warzone, and the new one in Caldera is no exception, especially if you’re going to be playing in one of the new Vanguard playlists. In these old-school playlists you’ll have access to the fighter plane so that you can rain death on your enemies from above.

The airfield is a pretty busy space for now, as players scramble to get their hands on some planes, as they’re one of the standout new additions to Warzone. However, over time, as players get to try out planes, the area will likely cool off to more normal levels of player presence.

Peak Gondola Station

The Peak Gondola Station is located near the more northern part of the map, and it is a versatile zone that contains plenty of loot for you and your team. If you’re dropping with squadmates, it should be relatively easy to lock this zone down and get enough gear so that everyone is properly equipped.

Keep in mind that the Peak Gondola Station also features a variety of escape routes that you can use to survive if things are looking a little too dangerous on this particular drop. This will allow you to make your way down to the Runway, or you can move to the Impact Crater, where there’s another Gondola Station.

The Docks

The Docks are a huge part of the map, and they contain the Forward Operating Base point of interest. Here, you’ll be able to find an AA gun that you can use to shoot down planes that are taking off from the Runway, which is situated relatively close to the Forward Operating Base.

You’ll also have a range of different areas that you can head to from here, depending on where the circle closes. For example, you can head to the Phosphate Mines with relative ease or you can walk over to the Gondola Station so that you’ll have easier access to the Peak.

The Submarine Pen

If you like bigger buildings like the Superstore back in Verdansk, then you’ll likely appreciate the Submarine Pen, which is one of the largest buildings ever featured in Warzone. Both the pen itself and the surrounding buildings feature a huge amount of loot that will equip even a Quads team.

Keep in mind that the size of this area means that you’ll be pretty likely to run into enemies, so always be prepared for a firefight over the Submarine Pen.

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