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Thank You For Your Order!

Dear new customer, Hello and welcome to PrivateCheatz!
This article will guide you to all what you need to do after your first time purchase and explain the basic procedures for accessing downloads and also some guidelines to follow after completing a purchase.


1. After your first order, you will get an email from us to set a password for your account.
The title of this email is: Welcome to PrivateCheatz

You can find the login link here:

2. Click on “set my password” and it will take you to the password setting page.
Once you set your password, You will be redirected to your panel account.

You can now download your hack and view the instructions.

On the License Number section, This is your License key. With this serial, you can activate the loader you have purchased.

If it says, “Waiting on manual delivery, it can take up to 24 hours. Week & Month keys can take up to 48 hours on rare occasions”, this means your key is still getting delivered. This rarely happens when the keys are out of stock.
When a key is delivered, you will get an email from us saying it’s ready to download; you will now find the download link via the panel & instructions will be there. The title of this email is: Your PrivateCheatz key is ready!
Finally, Join our Discord Server. You can get updates and chat with other users.
Other Tips
If you need support or help with anything, please contact us via live chat. It is located on the bottom right corner of the website.

Or use the “Need Support” button on your account panel.

You can always find the link to your panel account on the website menu “Login To Panel”

Frequently Asked Questions

When does my access time start counting?
The time does not start until you redeem your key in the hack’s loader.
How long does it take to get my purchase details?
You will receive the email instantly after you complete your purchase.

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