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The Best PUBG Attachments Guide For Every Weapon

In PUBG's intense battleground, players are equipped with a plethora of powerful weapons, enhanced by frequent airdrops. Moreover, a collection of attachments allows gamers to refine or transform their weapons to perfectly suit their combat preferences.

Within the PUBG inventory, you'll find attachments such as scopes, magazines, muzzles, grips, and stocks. These enhancements can upgrade your weapon's performance, offering improvements like increased ammo capacity, reduced recoil, longer firing ranges, advanced crosshairs, and more.

This PUBG guide provides a breakdown of the best attachments for each weapon type and their unique benefits. To optimize your gameplay, get familiar with these attachments. For a comprehensive look, our complete PUBG: Battlegrounds Guide will offer expert tips and strategies.


PUBG Weapon Attachments Overview:

1. Assault Rifle Attachments:

Assault rifles, including the AKM, M416, AUG A3, Groza, and Scar-L, are staples for many PUBG players. These weapons typically utilize 5.56mm or 7.63mm rounds and offer flexibility with single or automatic fire modes. Key attachments for ARs include:

  • Compensator, Suppressor & Flash hider.
  • Extended QuickDraw Mag
  • Vertical Foregrip & Half Grip
  • Red Dot & Holographic Sights
  • 2x, 4x, and 6x Scope magnification

2. Submachine Gun (SMG) Attachments:

Ideal for short to medium-range engagements, SMGs like the Uzi, Tommy Gun, Vector, and UMP45 shine in close combat. Attachments for SMGs feature:

  • Compensator
  • Extended QuickDraw Mag
  • Vertical Foregrip & Half Grip
  • Red Dot & Holographic Sights
  • 2x and 3x Scope magnification

3. Sniper Rifle Attachments:

Sniper rifles, such as the M24, Win94, AWM, and Kar98k, offer long-range lethality. The recommended attachments for these weapons are:

  • Suppressor
  • Extended QuickDraw Mag
  • Cheek Pad – Minimizes vertical movement and aids recoil recovery
  • Bullet Loops – Exclusively for Kar98k to reduce reloading time
  • 6x, 8x, and 15x Scope magnification

4. DMR Attachments:

DMRs, a hybrid of assault and sniper rifles, offer rapid fire with extended range. Essential attachments for DMRs like the VSS, Mini14, SLR, QBU, and SKS are:

  • Compensator & Suppressor
  • Extended QuickDraw Mag
  • Vertical Foregrip & Light Grip
  • 4x, 6x, and 8x Scope magnification

5. Shotgun Attachments:

Perfect for close-quarters combat, shotguns like the S686, S12K, and Sawed Off are dominant. Key attachments for shotguns include:

  • Choke – Narrows bullet spread
  • Bullet Loops

6. Pistol Attachments:

For close encounters or as a backup, pistols are invaluable. The primary attachments for pistols are:

  • Extended QuickDraw Mag
  • Suppressor

7. Crossbow Attachments:

The crossbow offers a unique combat experience with its distinct characteristics. Attachments for enhancing the crossbow's utility are:

  • Quiver – Speeds up reload time
  • Red Dot & Holographic Sights
  • 4x and 6x Scope magnification

Arming yourself with this knowledge will enhance your PUBG experience, enabling more tactical gameplay and better outcomes in firefights.


PUBG Scope Attachments Overview

In the competitive landscape of PUBG, aiming precision is paramount. A variety of scope attachments are available to enhance your aim depending on combat situations. Here's a quick rundown of the essential scopes to elevate your gameplay:

  1. Ironsight:

    • Found on every weapon, Ironsight is the default aiming mechanism.
    • Useful for quick aiming, with minimal recoil.
    • Beginners should familiarize themselves with it before advancing to other scopes.
  2. Holographic Sight:

    • A 1x reflex sight with a sharp reticle.
    • Preferred for short-range engagements with ARs, SMGs, and LMGs.
    • Players can adjust reticle brightness and toggle between red and green.
  3. Red Dot Sight:

    • Offers a clear view with a central red dot.
    • Ideal for close-range combats with quicker aim-down-sights.
    • Less intrusive frame provides better awareness.
  4. 2x Aimpoint Scope:

    • Best for close to mid-range fights.
    • The reticle aids in range finding based on the target's size in relation to the sight's features.
  5. 3x Backlit Scope:

    • Suited for mid-range battles.
    • Rangefinder can estimate distances from 100 to 400 meters.
    • Reticle brightness can be adjusted based on ambient light.
  6. 4x ACOG Scope:

    • Favored for mid to long-range engagements.
    • Built-in distance finder is a highlight.
    • Compatible with ARs, SRs, and DMRs.
  7. 6x Scope:

    • A rare find with high magnification.
    • Suitable for ARs and SMGs.
    • Has an in-built rangefinder for targets 300 to 800 meters away.
  8. 8x CQBSS Scope:

    • The crown jewel of long-range scopes.
    • Limited to SRs and DMRs.
    • Minimizing weapon sway by holding one's breath when aiming is advised.

Remember, while these scopes aid in precision, mastering their use requires practice. So, spend time learning each scope's intricacies and always be on the lookout for upgrades during gameplay!


PUBG Magazine Enhancements

Boost your PUBG arsenal with these magazine upgrades. Wish to bolster your weapon's ammo capacity during fierce fights? Or perhaps enhance its reload speed? PUBG offers various magazine upgrades to help improve your in-game prowess. Check out their specifics below:


QuickDraw Mag

Though not a top pick among many PUBG players because other magazine upgrades offer combined features, the QuickDraw Mag enables faster reload speeds, decreasing reload time by up to 30%. It’s compatible with various weapons including all DMRs, SMGs, SRs, and a range of handguns and select other firearms.

Extended Mag

For those intense close-quarter engagements, having more bullets can be a game-changer. This upgrade increases the ammo capacity, ensuring you're not caught reloading at a crucial moment. It's available for numerous firearms, much like the QuickDraw.

Extended QuickDraw Mag

This combo upgrade is suitable for assault rifles, DMRs, and the S12K. Not only does it boost ammo capacity, but it also speeds up reload time. A dual advantage makes for a potent in-game experience and heightened firepower. A must-have for PUBG enthusiasts.

PUBG Muzzle Enhancements

Elevate your firepower with these PUBG muzzle additions. The array of muzzle upgrades in PUBG can significantly enhance your shooting prowess. From stealth to stability, these attachments cater to various needs.

Flash Hider

This muzzle minimizes muzzle flash. Although not eradicating it entirely, it offers some recoil control. It's ideal for long-range engagements where muzzle flash could betray your position, especially in challenging weather conditions.


Primarily designed to counteract recoil, compensators work by channeling the muzzle gas. They can decrease recoil by up to 25%, enhancing shot accuracy.


For those stealth moments, the suppressor muffles your shots, concealing your location. In addition to sound suppression, it minimizes muzzle flash.


Exclusive to shotguns, the choke tightens the bullet spread, enhancing accuracy and extending effective range. Given its abundance, it’s a valuable addition to your shotgun setup.


PUBG Grip Enhancements

Enhance control with these PUBG grip attachments. Grips in PUBG primarily delay the onset of recoil, allowing for more predictable firing patterns. They’re particularly useful for assault rifles.

Vertical Grip

This grip curtails recoil by up to 20% and is especially effective on firearms notorious for high recoil or those employed in long-range combat.

Angled Grip

Mitigating both vertical and horizontal recoil, the Angled Grip boosts aiming speed by 10% and is a well-rounded choice.

Thumb Grip

Offering multiple benefits, the Thumb Grip reduces overall recoil and aiming time, making it versatile and highly effective on several firearms.

Lightweight Grip

This grip offers enhanced stability for single-shot weapons, reducing recoil and ensuring better shot accuracy.

Half Grip

Reducing both types of recoil by 20%, the Half Grip also aids in faster recoil recovery. Experiment with different grips to find your perfect match.


Exclusively for the Crossbow, this enhancement reduces reload time, ensuring quicker subsequent shots for this unique weapon.

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