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Top Fortnite Building Tips

One of the main things that sets Fortnite apart from other battle royales is that you’re able to build, and that greatly changes the way that combat works. If you watch high-level Fortnite gameplay, then you may notice that players spend just as much time building structures as they do shooting at each other.

As you may have gathered, being able to build in Fortnite can often mean the difference between winning and losing. We’ve gone ahead and put together this short guide to building in Fortnite so that it will be easier for you to keep up with players who have turned into veritable architects over the course of the game.

Using Turbo Building

Turbo building allows you to build far faster than you would otherwise because you can hold down the build key so that you can erect structures far quicker than you would otherwise be able to. For some reason, turbo building isn’t enabled by default, so you’ll have to adjust the settings yourself.

To do so, head into the settings menu, and then the game sub-menu and you’ll find the turbo building option. One of the main benefits of using turbo building is that it allows you to lay down a circle of walls by holding the build key and spinning yourself around in a circle.

Don’t Forget to Harvest

Harvesting materials will ensure that you always have an ample supply of them to fall back on when you’re caught out in a crossfire. Knowing the differences between the available materials will also make it easier for you to ensure that you build the most durable structures at those times.

In most cases, your inventory will be filled with wood, and it’s a functional material that’s easy to find, so collect as much of it as you can. However, if you want to start building stronger bastions, you’ll need to start harvesting materials like brick and metal, which have gotten much better over time.

You can get brick from boulders placed around the map, making it a lot easier to find than it once was. Metal is not quite as common, but it now has the most HP when it is initially laid down, allowing you to quickly create extremely strong cover that will resist highly skilled or dedicated players looking to take you out.

Learn to Build When You Get Engaged

One of the biggest mistakes that new players make when they first start playing Fortnite is failing to build right away when they start getting shot at. If you have the instinct to build when you get shot at, then it will be a lot easier for you to survive fights when you’re caught out of cover.

The first thing that you should learn is to build either walls or ramps when enemies first start firing at you. This will allow you to create the basis for further construction and will make it easier for you to get down the basics of building in stressful situations.

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