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Top Tips for Success in Warzone Pacific

Whether you’re a Warzone veteran or if you’re just getting into it with the launch of Warzone Pacific, you may be interested in how you can improve your chances of winning. Over the course of this post, we’re going to explore some of the top tips that you can use to make it out of your next Warzone match alive.

Proper Use of the Gas Mask

The gas mask can be one of your most useful tools but it can also be one of your most hated enemies if you don’t know how to play around it. Properly using it can mean surprising your enemy out of the storm, but don’t expect this to work on veteran players who always know to check their six.

One way that the gas mask can ruin your chances of winning is through the animation of putting it on when you step into the gas cloud. While this animation is happening, you can’t fire your weapon, and an enemy can easily use those crucial few moments to take you out while you can’t fight back.


Flares allow you to figure out what’s going on around you, so it’s a good idea to keep an eye on the sky. For example, a white flare means that someone is capturing the capture point for a recon contract. On the other hand, you’ll see a red flare when another squad is buying back a squadmate.

Try Out Vanguard Royale

Vanguard Royale is the version of Warzone Pacific that only features the equipment and weapons from COD Vanguard. This is especially helpful if you’re looking for a more straightforward and balanced experience because of the lack of a huge amount of equipment and gear to keep your mind on.

This is probably the mode that you’ll want to play if you haven’t played the previous two COD games, since you likely won’t be acquainted with their gear and weapons. It also gives you a more pure World War II experience if that’s what you want out of a battle royale game.

Gulag Tactics

One of the best ways to make sure that you win a match is by making proper use of the gulag, which may be intimidating at first, but you’ll get used to it. Instead of getting nervous, treat your fights in the gulag like any other fight and you’ll likely be able to beat the player on the other end.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you can use your teammates’ help if you’re both in the gulag together. If one of your teammates is watching you, you’ll be able to get callouts from them about where your enemy is located.

Always Beeline for Loadout Drops

Gathering as much money as possible in the early game will allow you to get your team a loadout drop, dramatically increasing your chances of survival. In fact, you may even want to split the cost of a loadout drop between all players on your team to increase the speed at which you can get your hands on it.

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