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Valorant: Before I Cheated vs. After I Cheated

By Tom Capper – Updated July 15th, 2021


If you see someone cheating in Valorant, you may be curious about what pushed them to start hacking in the first place. Over the course of this guide, I’m going to show you the immense improvement in performance and enjoyment that I experienced after I started using cheats in Valorant.

It’s Easier to Climb Through the Ranks

Of course, the most obvious difference between when I used to play legit and when I started hacking is that it’s now a lot easier for me to go through the ranking ladder. While I used to struggle to climb the ranks previously because of my skill plateau, I can now face stronger and stronger enemies.

That being said, you have to be realistic and you can’t expect the cheats to play the game for you. Once you start getting to the higher ranks, you may be surprised to find that some players can still compete with you, even if they’re not using cheats and especially if you’re using an aimbot with higher smoothness.

I’m a Lot Less Angry at the Game

Before I started cheating in Valorant, I used to get angry and frustrated with the game, especially when I would die at a clutch moment and end up losing my team the game. This kind of frustration raised my blood pressure and made it so that I didn’t even want to play the game after a little while.

However, after I started hacking, it felt like a burden was taken off of my shoulders since I was able to play the game without worrying about getting killed from behind or in unfair ways. It made me realize that playing Valorant is about having fun and not about wanting to punch your monitor.

It’s Easier to Play With my (Better) Friends

Everyone has friends who might be out of their skill range, and I’m no exception to that rule. In the old days, my friends would invite me into lobbies but they’d soon find themselves regretting it as I’d end up losing us games by choking at crucial moments when my team needed me most.

However, now that I’ve started hacking Valorant, a lot of my friends actually want me to play with them because it’s become a lot easier to carry my team to victory, game after game. Instead of being the target of ridicule, my friends can’t get over how I’ve suddenly turned my performance around in the best way.

I Can Compete With Other Cheaters

Perhaps one of the most satisfying parts of starting to use cheats in Valorant is that I can now fight cheaters on more even ground. Before I started hacking, cheaters would be able to stomp me, despite Riot’s claim that Riot Vanguard is one of the best anti-cheat systems on the market.

Whenever I face a cheater now, it’s like we’re two legit players facing each other because we both have the same particular advantages.

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