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Valorant Crosshair Guide

Valorant Crosshair Guide

In a competitive game like Valorant, being able to change your settings to your liking will allow you to more efficiently fight your enemies and win more games. That’s part of the reason why you have such a high degree of customization available to you, including the ability to change your crosshair.

However, which crosshair works best for the game’s mechanics? It can be difficult to determine what works best for you since it takes a lot of trial and error. Over the course of this guide, we’re going to explore what you should know about changing your Valorant crosshair, including some of the best options to tweak.

Changing Your Valorant Crosshair

When you start up Valorant for the first time, the game uses a dynamic crosshair that is rather large and distracting. Most players shouldn’t have a problem with this kind of crosshair if they’re used to it in other, more casual shooters, but a highly competitive game like Valorant calls for a more precise and less obtrusive crosshair.

If you want to change up your crosshair, you can head into Valorant’s settings menu and go to the “Crosshair” section. Once there, you’ll see a host of options that will allow you to alter how your crosshair looks, how it functions, and quite a bit more. The first choice to make is between a static crosshair and a dynamic one.

Static crosshairs remain the same at all times, no matter if you’re moving or if you’re firing your weapon. These crosshairs take up the least amount of screen real estate and they’ll make it easier for your eyes to focus on movement that could be other players and not the crosshair itself.

However, with a dynamic crosshair, you’re able to get a better idea of how your precision changes over time while you’re firing or moving. While this may sound good to beginners, many pro players avoid using dynamic crosshairs because they have memorized the spread patterns of their weapons.

Other than this, you can also change the color of your crosshair. Most pros use a brighter color that won’t blend in with the surroundings because that will make sure that the crosshair won’t get lost in the environment. You’ll want to make sure that your crosshair is as small as possible while also ensuring that it always remains visible.

Most pro players use the cyan color for their crosshairs because of how it pops against environments and due to the fact that it’s the least common color in Valorant environments. When it comes to the size of the crosshair, you’ll want to make it small but visible. In most cases, pro players and streamers stick to a tiny cross that gives you a precision aim point.

If you’re confident that you’ll always be able to see your crosshair no matter what, you can even go as far as making it a single dot. This is the approach that players like Scream and Hiko use, while other streamers like Shroud stick to mini-crosses.


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