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Warzone: Before I Cheated vs. After I Cheated

By Tom Capper – Updated June 17th, 2021


Warzone brought Call of Duty to a much wider market of people by virtue of its free to play nature, but it also introduced a lot of players to the frustration of losing in a battle royale game. If you’re sick and tired of losing at Warzone, perhaps you’ve considered using hacks for it to improve your skills.

In today’s guide, I’m going to explain how hacking in Warzone changed my playing experience for the better. I’m going to shortly describe how I was doing before I started cheating before showing you the great results that I’ve gotten from hacking Warzone.

Radically Better K/D

One of the most noticeable differences between before I started cheating and after I started using hacks was how my K/D skyrocketed. Previously, I had a K/D of about 0.89, which admittedly wasn’t great, but I was still learning my way through Warzone and I didn’t feel too bad about it until I compared it with my friends’ K/Ds.

Once I realized how much better my friends were doing than me, I felt a little self-conscious about my K/D, but that’s not the case any longer. After I started using my aimbot and ESP combo, my K/D started gradually rising day after day, and now I’m at a K/D of about 1.30, which is still rising.

I hope to one day get my K/D to at least a 2.0, and maybe beyond, but the limited number of engagements over the course of a Warzone match make it a little harder to boost my K/D in it. In Modern Warfare multiplayer, I saw a much quicker rise in my K/D due to the number of people I would run into over the course of a game.

More Consistent Wins

However, stats aren’t everything in Warzone, and like with any battle royale, what matters is the number of games you survive and not the number of players you kill. You can take out the whole lobby in a game of Warzone and if you get killed by a sniper in the final circle, then you’re still a loser.

I was getting a little annoyed with how frequently I would get myself killed when I would play without cheats. I’d often stray out of cover and get hit by a stray bullet coming from what seemed like nowhere. However, after I started using my ESP, it became a lot easier to survive a match stress-free.

Being able to last until the final circle means that I’ve been able to win far more matches than when I first got started playing Warzone. Before I started cheating, I had only two victories, but now I have more than 30 over the course of just a couple of weeks of playing Warzone on and off!

My Friends Want to Play More Often

I already mentioned how my friends used to have a much higher K/D than I did, and this often led to me letting them down over the course of a Warzone match. Now that I have my cheats, it feels like my friends actually want to play with me instead of feeling like they’re carrying me as a burden on their shoulders.

In fact, I tend to carry my team way more frequently than when I first started playing Warzone, to the point that my friends are excited whenever they see me get online.

Fully Modded Weapons

Before I cheated, I would have been better off using the weapons that I picked up over the course of a Warzone match instead of using my own loadouts. This is because almost none of my guns had any attachments on them, putting me at a severe disadvantage compared to most other Warzone players.

Weapon attachments can make a huge difference in how well you perform, and getting more kills thanks to my cheats has led to improved weapon experience gains. While grinding weapons in multiplayer is still a lot easier, I no longer feel like I’m forced to step into multiplayer to grind out kills.

Now most of my weapons are fully leveled, allowing me to select from a versatile set of loadouts that I can use over the course of even the toughest battle royale matches. I’m getting to the point where it’s getting increasingly tough to choose which gun I want to use when I call in my loadout.

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