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Warzone Best Events and Changes

Now that Warzone is seeing some pretty major changes, we figured that we would take a look back at its history and share some of our thoughts about our favorite times in the battle royale’s lifespan. Warzone has been marked by many events and changes stemming from those events.

Over the course of today’s article, we’re going to take a look at the best events that we’ve seen in Warzone. These events ranged from relatively small and tame occurrences to game-changing events that had a profound impact on the map and then shaped it for the future.

Verdansk ‘84

Verdansk ‘84 was a massive overhaul to the map that launched with the sixth season of Warzone and Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War. The update served to change up the look of the map, making it more suitable for the Cold War setting of the new Call of Duty title, moving away from the Modern Warfare-inspired look.

Along with the look of the map changing, Warzone had some gameplay changes, with new additions to the map. For example, Summit was added as a point of interest to add some Black Ops flavor to the map. This is one of the most iconic Black Ops locations in history, and it was a worthwhile addition.

Along with adding entirely new locations, some of the existing spots on the map were also revamped. For example, the Quarry was changed to the Salt Mine. Along with changing the name, the layout was slightly changed, making it harder for veterans to have an advantage.

The color of Verdansk also changed dramatically with this event, having more of a desert-like appearance with bolder colors rather than the muted color palette that is associated with Modern Warfare. The only critique that we have was that the event started too late in Black Ops Cold War’s life cycle.

Haunting of Verdansk

The Halloween event known as Haunting of Verdansk was one of the best events that we’ve seen so far. When this event rolled around, the map turned to night and it allowed players to return as a zombie or a ghost if they were killed. When brought back, players had to gather souls and then they could come back to life.

This event also marked the implementation of the “trick or treat” system, where some of the loot boxes would contain jump scares. While it wasn’t scary after the first few times, it also meant that you would lose out on some loot and risk dying, which is a little scarier than the jump scares.

The Haunting of Verdansk was accompanied by cosmetics that were Halloween-related, featuring characters from movies like Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Saw. The second time the event rolled around, there were skins from even more series, including Donnie Darko and Scream.

The 80s Action Heroes Event

This was yet another one of Warzone’s game-changing events, and it marked the introduction of character skins of both Rambo and John McClane. When this event started, it was launched alongside the Power Grab game mode, which condensed the action into a much smaller area.

As with other challenges, this event was also accompanied by a range of challenges that allowed you to collect some rewards that were 80s action hero themed.

Along with the new game mode, we also saw some changes to the battle royale map itself. The event included spreading survival camps around the map that you had to reach, as well as CIA outposts. The event even featured the addition of Nakatomi Plaza from Die Hard.

At the end of the event, players were expecting the map to go back to normal, but Nakatomi Plaza stuck around, giving Downtown Verdansk some much-needed flavor. Compared to other events, this one was pretty massive and it was an excellent inclusion for fans of both 80s and 90s action movies.

The Numbers Event

The Numbers event was one of the earlier events in Black Ops Cold War’s lifespan and it essentially incorporated Black Ops into Warzone. When this event was staged, it was accompanied by a series of challenges that would get you cosmetics that were related to Mason’s struggle and the overall Warzone story.

There were a bunch of broadcast stations spread around the map when the event started, and players had to go activate them. Once the players activated them, they would be able to visit a bunker where they could pick up a golden gas mask that lasts longer than normal gas masks.

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