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Warzone Best Landing Spots

Verdansk is a pretty big place, and it’s seen some huge changes over the course of its lifespan. The many changes to the map have made it a little difficult to remember where to drop each time, and knowing your drop zone is a big part of being successful in a battle royale like Warzone.

To give you a better idea of where you should be dropping, we’re going to be taking a look at some of the top landing spots in Verdansk. Along with mentioning them, we’re going to discuss the reasons why these landing spots are better than so many of the other choices.


Summit is one of the best options for players that are dropping in alone because it gives you a lot more freedom than many of the other spots. Ensuring that you can head to a lot of other locations when you’re dropping in alone can help ensure that you don’t get cornered and killed early on.

Summit is also a great choice of Warzone landing spot because it isn’t the most popular choice around. This ensures that you typically won’t be dropping into a hotspot where you’ll be surrounded by tons of enemies since that will most likely spell certain doom for you.

As you may already know, Summit is based on the map of the same name that has become synonymous with the Call of Duty Black Ops series. Summit was added to the map during Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War to add a bit of Black Ops flavor to Verdansk.

Summit also features a range of ways to get away. You can head out of the point of interest on foot or you can use one of the many vehicles available. You have access to either helicopters or trucks, allowing you to pick out the best way to get out without getting yourself killed.

Airplane Factory

Another top pick when it comes to top Warzone landing spots is the Airplane Factory, which was released with the Season 3 update to Warzone. This is one of the longer-lasting points of interest in the game, having survived the sweeping changes of Season 6 relatively unscathed.

One of the best things about the Airplane Factory is that it is located right in the center of the map, giving you the option of moving in any direction once the match progresses. The Airplane Factory is also a pretty vast area, giving you a place where you can collect a lot of loot early on.

You’ll want to consider that the large size of the Airplane Factory makes it a little less realistic to loot it alone. For that reason, we recommend dropping into the Airplane Factory if you’re coming into the match with a team. If you’re solo, you’ll be better off with Summit.


While the multiplayer map in Call of Duty Modern Warfare wasn’t quite well-received, Superstore is a great place to touch down when the game is just getting started. One thing to consider about Superstore is that a lot of veterans will find their way down there because of how little the map has changed over the course of the game’s lifespan.

You’re going to go up against some pretty fierce competition when you land at the Superstore, so we’d recommend sticking to dropping here during larger team games like quads. However, in spite of the issues that you’ll face due to the many skilled players that you’ll run into here, there are some redeeming qualities.

For example, the fact that the Superstore is huge plays to your advantage in larger team games because you’ll have enough gear spread around to equip your entire team. If you can keep your team alive, you’ll probably be able to net yourself a lot of kills as well as quality equipment early on.

Because of this, you’ll want to make sure that you drop far enough away from an opponent to secure yourself a bit of loot in advance so that you’re not stuck fighting with your handgun. Dropping on the roof is often a recipe for disaster because of how it turns into an arena where the first one to pick up a gun will sweep everyone else away.

Another advantage to dropping in here is that you’re located in a relatively central location, allowing you to rotate away once you’ve secured the location. You’ll make your way out with plenty of equipment and cash if you manage to survive, however.

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