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Warzone Pacific Season 1 Changes

Ever since Call of Duty switched over to a seasonal format, players haven’t had to worry about being split from the rest of the fanbase by map packs. Along with that, seasons have allowed for the addition of new content on a regular schedule and the easier implementation of a battle pass.

The same has been the case for Warzone Pacific, and the launch of the battle royale’s first season has introduced some changes. Over the course of this guide, we’re going to take a closer look at these changes and explain how they’ve shifted the meta of the game somewhat considerably.

New Weapons

Usually the most obvious change with each season is the addition of new weapons that shift up the meta, and the first season of COD Vanguard has marked the release of five new weapons. Three of these weapons can be unlocked by progressing through the battle pass.

The first of the new weapons is the Cooper Carbine, which is a relatively short-ranged weapon that features exceptional accuracy. This is a pretty interesting mix of stats that you wouldn’t expect to see in a gun. After all, you don’t really need accuracy if you’re going to be engaging targets at short range.

After that, you have the Gorenko anti-tank rifle, which is a semi-automatic sniper rifle that features extremely high damage. If you like guns that will put down your opponent in one hit, the Gorenko is a great choice, though it lacks handling characteristics to balance it out compared to other snipers.

The final weapon that you’ll get from the battle pass is the Sawtooth, which is a melee weapon that is essentially a club that’s covered in shark teeth. While it matches the aesthetic of Warzone Pacific, it likely won’t see much use because of the lack of incentive to use melee weapons in Warzone.

The weapons that don’t come included in the battle pass are the katana, which is an iconic Japanese sword that is featured in a variety of games, as well as the Welgun, which is an SMG. Keep in mind that these weapons aren’t the only pieces of gear that have been added to Warzone Pacific with the first season.

New Equipment and Perks in Season 1

A change from Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War is that equipment and perks are now also being added to the battle pass. When you make it to tier 39, you’ll get access to the incendiary grenade, which is a lethal grenade that will set your opponents on fire, as you’d expect from the name.

There have also been two perks added to Warzone Pacific in the first season, including Serpentine, which will reduce your incoming damage when you’re sprinting. On the other hand, Intuition is a perk that’s available at tier 44 of the battle pass and will make your vision pulse when you’re close to enemies. This perk even works through walls, letting you know if someone else is in the same building as you.

The Addition of Vanguard Royale

Vanguard Royale is a game mode that focuses exclusively on the content that was added to Warzone with Call of Duty Vanguard. If you want a battle royale that gives you a pure World War II feel, then you’ll likely be a big fan of Vanguard royale, though the addition of new vehicles makes it a bit different.

For example, there are fighter planes that allow you to rain death on your opponents from above. However, you’re also able to counter the fighter planes by using the AA guns that are located around the map. Learning their positions will give you an opportunity to fight off fighter jockeys with ease.

The Introduction of Ricochet Anti-Cheat

Ricochet Anti-Cheat is the new in-house solution to cheating that was developed by Activision so that Call of Duty could be free of cheaters. While Ricochet is arguably more effective at preventing cheaters than the previous COD anti-cheat, it’s still not necessarily perfect, and there are still cheats that can easily get around it.

However, there are some concerns about Ricochet because of its kernel-level functionality. Kernel anti-cheat functions on the deepest level of your computer’s processes, and that means that some privacy concerns arise when you’re using an anti-cheat of this sort.

Issues with operating on the kernel level are what led to players speaking out against Riot’s infamous anti-cheat solution that launched with Valorant, though it’s quickly becoming the norm in the industry.

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