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Warzone Pacific Season 2 Details

The second season of Warzone Pacific is here, and it’s brought with it a host of changes, improvements, and nerfs to overpowered weapons. In this short blog post, we’re going to take a look at some of the key changes that have arrived alongside Season 2 of Warzone Pacific.

Changes to the Map

One of the overarching themes of Season 2 is how Caldera is now being used in chemical warfare experiments. For example, the phosphate refinery has now been sinisterly repurposed as the Chemical Factory POI, which is emitting green smoke as it produces Nebula V.

Along with the Chemical Factory itself, you’ll now find underground labs dotted around Caldera. These are known as Chemical Weapon Research Labs, and they offer players an opportunity to get their hands on some high-end loot, provided they can make it through their many challenges.

New Weapons

The KG M40 and the Whitley LMG are both available through the Battle Pass as soon as the season launches. The first of these, the KG M40, is an assault rifle that has relatively balanced stats (though it does have an impressive amount of damage per shot), and it can be unlocked on the 15th tier of the Battle Pass.

The Whitley LMG is available in the Battle Pass’s 31st tier, and it’s a bit slow but highly consistent. The rate of fire and its movement speed aren’t the most impressive in the world, but you won’t have as much trouble getting this LMG under control as you will with some of the other weapons in its class.

Yet another weapon, the Armaguerra 43, will be arriving partway through the season. This is going to be an SMG with a withering rate of fire. Since we can’t get our hands on it yet, its performance remains to be seen.

In keeping with Season 2’s wintery theme, the melee weapon being released in this season is the Ice Axe. There isn’t much to say about this weapon since melee weapons tend to be broadly similar to each other, but if you’re trying to stick to a snowy theme for your operator, this is a good choice of melee weapon.

MP40 and Bren Nerfs

If you’ve been playing Warzone Pacific throughout the first season, then you likely already know how powerful the MP40 and the Bren were. These were some of the most commonly used weapons because of their versatility and high level of stopping power, making them the obvious meta picks.

To bring these weapons more in line with the others that are available to Warzone Pacific players, the developers decided to cut down on their damage and range. For example, the Bren now has a 1x damage modifier on the upper arms and lower torso, down from its previous modifier of 1.1.

The MP40, on the other hand, has been hit with range nerfs, ensuring that it sticks to its role as an SMG. The maximum damage range is down from 473 to 422 and the mid damage range is down to 600 from 612.

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