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What Are Elden Ring Hacks & Cheats and How Do They Work?

By Tom Capper – Last Updated: June 18, 2022


It’s hard to think of a game in recent memory that has inspired such feverish hype as Elden Ring…and it’s even harder to think of one that has lived up to this hype. FromSoftware is the darling of gaming, and in the eyes of fans, they can’t do much wrong. Not like they have done much wrong either - the last “bad” FromSoftware game was Dark Souls 2, in 2014…and even then, this was only because of bugs, lack of polish, and other minor features. The worst sin that Dark Souls 2 committed was not being Dark Souls 1. 


Elden Ring was announced at E3 2019, and even from just the short cinematic trailer that came with it, it promised big things. A souls-like game developed by FromSoftware, directed by Hidetaka Miyazaki (Mr. Dark Souls), and a lore-rich world created by George R.R Martin? What was the catch?



Turns out that the catch was having to wait almost 3 years for the game to release. The best part of this time was with 0 news about the game too. The next time we heard anything about Elden Ring was at the 2021 game awards where Geoff Keighley became the hero we needed but didn’t deserve, and showed us a full gameplay trailer.

By this point, the Elden Ring fan base had developed into something resembling a cult - and with what the game was promising, you couldn’t blame them. A fully open-world RPG with Dark Souls combat, stunning graphics, captivating lore, and your horse. It was what Soulsborne fans were waiting for, and even people who usually were not interested in the genre were beginning to take note. 

Many people who have never played Dark Souls picked up Elden Ring, wrongfully assuming that it would be easier than a traditional FromSoft title. To be fair, it is easier…if you’re good at Soulsborne games. If you’re not, then you’re going to have a bad time. Within the first week of Elden Rings’ release, “is the first boss of a video game supposed to make you cry” was a trending Google search (probably). 

Whether you’re crying because you spent $70 on a game you can’t complete, or just because you’re maidenless, then don’t worry - Elden Ring hacks & cheats are here to help. We have the best Elden Ring hacks for new players, experienced players, and everyone in between!


Elden Ring Hacks Features

  • Drop Rate Multiplier: Get more drops from enemies, and sell the extras for Runes to level up or buy better stuff.

  • One-Hit Kill: Turn Elden Ring into a walking simulator, and make enemies cower in fear at your presence. This is also great as a panic button, to stop you from dying and losing all of your Runes at the last second.

  • Auto Parry: Parrying is one of the hardest things to learn in Elden Ring, and failing a parry can get you killed - the auto parry hack removes the difficulty of this completely and allows you to focus on having a tight offense.


Why use Elden Ring Hacks?


The biggest reason to use Elden Ring hacks is probably obvious - difficulty. There has been a lot of discourse in recent years over the inclusion of an ‘easy’ mode in Soulsborne games. Some people feel as though having an easier difficulty would detract from the experience of FromSoftware games. In their words, the biggest pleasures of these games come from “getting good”, through trial, error, and death.

Other people disagree and think that the games would benefit from an easier difficulty. As long as it wasn’t a forced choice, it would make the games more accessible to more people. Most people who aren’t interested in these games are only dissuaded from trying them due to their high barrier to entry - being their unforgiving difficulty.

No matter which side of the argument you’re on though, it’s safe to assure that an easy mode probably isn’t going to happen. FromSoftware doesn’t want to risk alienating its devoted player base, despite the potential benefits of including a lower difficulty setting. 

Elden Ring hacks & cheats are just like an easy mode - and in some ways, they’re better. Hacks allow you to configure the difficulty of the game, from a walk in the park by enabling god mode to a slight advantage with a light speed hack. 


How do Elden Ring Hacks work?

Elden Ring hacks make direct modifications to your game, through increasing values such as the damage you deal or modifying the game files so that your stamina won’t decrease. The hack runs alongside your game, and you can pull up the cheat menu at any time to enable or disable certain features. These will have an immediate effect on your game - no restart required!

Elden Ring hacks work by making real-time adjustments to files that make your game run. Values such as your max HP, your max damage, and more are stored in encrypted files that usually cannot be modified - our hacks can make live modifications to these files, and these changes show immediately in your game. 

Are Elden Ring Hacks Safe?

Elden Ring hacks are very safe to use - and in some cases, your hacks can’t be detected. If you’re playing Elden Ring fully offline, then it’s almost impossible to be detected for hacking. For one, there’s no chance of being reported for using hacks, as you’re not interacting with other players.

Furthermore, there is very little incentive for Bandai Namco to ban players from using hacks offline. It’s counterintuitive of them to ban an engaged player, as this simply makes them look bad as a company. 


Best Hacks for Elden Ring 


We strongly believe that everyone should be able to experience Elden Ring - no matter your level of skill or experience as a gamer. We’re always looking out for the next Souls-like title announcement (Bloodborne 2 please), and you can be sure that we’ll always be the first to provide the best quality hacks for the best FromSoftware games!

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