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What to Know About Rust’s Underwater Labs

Rust has seen a wide range of updates that have sometimes fully transformed the way that the game works, and the most recent one is the addition of the underwater labs and a submarine that you can use to explore them. However, if you haven’t been paying full attention to things, it may be a little confusing.

To make it easier for our favorite cheaters (you!) to understand how you can get in on the lucrative opportunity that these underwater labs present, we’re going to discuss them in depth over the course of this article. Let’s start off by discussing the basics you’ll need to know before getting deeper into things.

What Are Underwater Labs?

Before the release of the most recent update, Rust gave players no reason to go beneath the waves. Underwater labs are designed to change that. After all, why should Facepunch add a submarine to the game if there was no reason to explore the areas beneath the waves?

These underwater labs allow you to both explore what you find down there while also benefiting from the valuable loot that they contain. These underwater labs are experimental areas where you’ll find all sorts of exotic crafting materials that will allow you to bring your tech to the next level.

As you make your way underwater, you may find yourself looking at what looks like a structure beneath the waves. Your eyes aren’t deceiving you. You’ve just gotten your first glance at an underwater lab, and you have a long fight ahead of you if you’re looking to make the most of your discovery.

Much like oil rigs, underwater labs are hard for beginner players to access, but they have plenty to offer to high-level players that are looking for high-level loot. You start off by finding one of the moon pools attached to the lab so that you can make your way inside and start gathering the valuable materials.

One of the first things that you’ll discover is that underwater labs are positively filled with NPCs. These are dangerous NPCs that you’ll have to fight a bit at a time because you likely won’t have the resources or stamina to be able to take them out all at once, so you’ll be able to return later on.

There are some areas in these labs that aren’t filled with NPCs, so you’ll be able to take some time to rest and recuperate before you end up moving deeper into the lab. You’ll also run into some locked rooms that you’ll only be able to unlock if you have keycards, so it’s a good idea to collect them before you decide to go on an underwater expedition.

Keep in mind that you don’t necessarily need a submarine to make your way into Rust’s underwater labs. You can also make your way down there with scuba gear, which is actually a more affordable way to make it into underwater labs, though it’s a little bit less convenient.

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