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What We Know About the Battlefield 2042 Maps

What is a Battlefield game without its maps? Compared to other game series like Call of Duty, Battlefield players have always been attached to their maps because of how much they can interact with them. Whether it’s through simple destruction or through larger mechanics like Levolution, Battlefield maps have always been the start of the show.

In the months leading up to the release of Battlefield 2042, we haven’t heard much about the game’s maps, but we’ve seen a few glimpses of what to expect from them. After the disaster that was Battlefield V’s post-launch support, we can only hope that we’ll see more maps coming after the game releases.

In the meantime, let’s take a look at everything we’ve heard about the maps launching with Battlefield 2042 up until now.


Orbital is the only map that we’ve been able to play in the game’s open beta, and it’s set around a rocket launch site in French Guyana. The Levolution feature in this map is the rocket failing to launch and exploding, killing everyone in its vicinity and making the launch tower a flaming pile of wreckage.


Renewal takes advantage of the climate change setting of Battlefield 2042 to create a map that has two distinct biomes. One one side of a giant wall, you have a solar farm in the desert. On the other side of the wall, you’ll find a luscious agricultural operation that helps keep survivors fed.


Manifest is one of the more recognizable maps in Battlefield 2042 because we’ve so far only seen it being played at night. This map is set in a port in Singapore and it features plenty of lighting that’s interactive and allows you to spot enemies in the darkness. You can also take these lights out to deprive enemies of their ability to see.


Kaleidoscope is looking like it’s going to be the new Siege of Shanghai considering it’s set in the middle of a highly destructible city. This map features tornadoes that can sometimes ravage the map, destroying buildings and making players run for cover before being sucked into them.


Hourglass is set in Qatar, and its red-tinged look is something that you likely won’t be forgetting soon. This map is set in a city that has been taken back by the desert, and you’ll find plenty of abandoned skyscrapers and an incomplete stadium that will forever remain under construction.


Discarded is a map set in a ship breaking yard, and players will be fighting in the skeletals remains of container ships that have since been abandoned by their breakers. This map is set in India, and it features a pretty exciting combination of short-ranged and long-ranged fighting.


This is the final map that we know of in Battlefield 2042 and it promises to be the biggest. This map is set in the Antarctic and it features oil tanks and pipelines that can be destroyed by players.

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