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What We Know So Far About Battlefield 2042’s Specialists

The Battlefield 2042 open beta didn’t do too good of a job of introducing us to the wide range of specialists that will be available in the game. Since many of the game’s operators were missing from this open test, most people are wondering what other advanced abilities they can expect to see when the game launches.

We’ve done some research and found out what the base game’s operators will be releasing with so that you’ll have a better idea of which specialist will suit you best. In today’s guide, we’re going to look at five different operators and we’ll discuss how their abilities set them apart from each other.


Irish is a New Yorker, and the game’s lore states that he’s a leadership figure to many of the No-Pats. Irish is a team player and that is reflected in his ability, which is known as the Fortification System. This allows him to deploy a piece of cover for his squad, but that’s not all.

The second part of the Fortification System deploys a defense net that ensures that projectiles like rockets and grenades won’t be able to make it near the cover he has created.


Far from being a friendly ghost, Casper is a Recon specialist whose abilities complement players who like to be snipers or infiltrators who head in and cause chaos behind enemy lines. He sports the OV-P, which is a drone that helps him conduct recon when he’s sneaking around behind the lines.

The OV-P allows you to spot enemies for your team, but it can also protect you from harm by stunning enemies with an EMP if they end up getting too close.


Boris, whose real name is Pyotr (it doesn’t make sense to us either) is a Russian engineer who specializes in creating defensive positions. He does this with the help of the SG-36 Sentry System, which consists of a turret, much like the sentry gun in recent Call of Duty games.

This is coupled with Boris’s passive ability which allows him to mark targets that his sentry guns can focus on.

Maria Falck

One of the two operators we’ve seen so far without a nickname, Falck is a medic-style operator that is able to heal her teammates at a distance by using her syringe gun. This comes in handy when you’re trying to heal an ally who seems hellbent on running the other direction while they’re low on health.

You can also use the syringe gun offensively by shooting enemies with it and then watching their health slowly dwindle away, but this is usually best saved for emergencies.

Webster Mackay

The only Canadian operator on this list, Webster Mackay is one of the more versatile operators and certainly the most popular choice during the open beta. This is due to his grappling hook that allows him to traverse the environment like Spider Man, something that was previously only possible with cheats.

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