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What You Need to Know About Valorant’s New Agent: Chamber

One of the community’s favorite things about Valorant is that the game combines excellent competitive gameplay with the flavor that Riot Games is known for creating in games like League of Legends. Each of the agents in Valorant has a personality of their own, so it’s always exciting to learn more about them.

What’s even more exciting is when we’re on the brink of seeing the release of a new agent, complete with a new list of powers and a backstory of their own. Today, we’re going to take a look at everything that the community should know about the latest agent to join the team in Valorant: Chamber.

Chamber’s Backstory

If you’ve been paying close attention to recent trailers and teasers, you may have seen some hints that Chamber was already on his way. For example, he was featured in the Year One Anthem trailer, as was his sniper rifle. In the Fracture trailer, he was the narrator and the one who fired the bullets that caused the explosion.

The most recent teaser of Chamber arrived in October, with a flying bullet representing his role as a sniper. The day before that, we saw a teaser that featured a golden circle representing Chamber. While he’s been teased quite a bit and we know that he’s French, what else can we expect from Chamber?

So far, we know that he’s a weapon designer (and may also be a fashion designer, judging by his spiffy outfits) that is something of a mix between Q and 007. He features the charming attitude of everyone’s favorite spy but his expertise in weapon design means that he also blends aspects of his quartermaster in.

Trademark Ability

The first of Chamber’s abilities is Trademark, which allows him to lay down a trap that will keep an eye out for enemies. When an enemy comes within range, the trap will start a countdown and will then create a field around it when it explodes that will slow enemies down, making them easy targets.

Headhunter Ability

The Headhunter ability allows Chamber to use a heavy pistol with ADS as its alt fire. If you want to save as much money as possible, you can theoretically use this pistol during the early rounds of a game, allowing you to make more cash that you can go on to spend on more meaningful weapons.

Rendezvous Ability

Rendezvous is a teleport ability that allows you to place two tethers around the map. Whenever you activate the ability within range of one of these tethers, you will instantly be teleported to the other tether, allowing you to easily rotate around the map quickly and efficiently.

Tour de Force Ultimate

Chamber’s ultimate is named Tour de Force, and it allows him to pull a sniper rifle out of thin air. This sniper rifle will kill any enemy with one hit, provided you hit them directly. If you get a kill with this rifle, you will leave behind the same kind of slow field that the Trademark ability creates.


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