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Why Players Cheat in Warzone

By Tom Capper – Updated May 28th, 2021


Online cheating has existed since LAN allowed people to play with each other more effectively than through split screen. There are countless reasons why people decide to cheat in their favorite games, and those reasons are typically dependent on the player and the experiences they’ve had.

In Warzone, there are many different factors that influence people to start cheating, and we’re going to take a look at some of the most significant ones in today’s article. From progressing through the game faster to looking good in front of your friends, there are many different reasons why you’d want to cheat.

To Win

Winning is probably the most significant factor that pushes people to cheat, since after all, who doesn’t love winning an online game. If people appreciated the feeling they got after a loss, then everyone would be throwing games and it would be far easier to win, but this is the nature of competitive games.

One of the things that you have to consider about battle royales is that they tend to be much more competitive than most team-based shooters, and the reason why is up to simple math. In a team-based shooter, if both teams are equal, then you’ll have a 50% chance of winning the game.

On the other hand, in a battle royale, you can have as low as a 2% chance to win (if there are fifty other teams) if everyone is of equal skill. Of course, you’ll never find a match where everyone equals you in skill, so in reality, the odds may be higher or lower than that, and they also depend on the number of teams in the game.

By using cheats, you can rest assured that you’ll have an inherent edge over the opposition, so that should instantly increase your chances of winning. While you’ll likely never have a 100% chance of getting the win in Warzone with cheats, you’ll get pretty close to it as long as other players don’t have hacks of their own.


In Call of Duty, the progression system is geared to make the game as grindy as possible, and there are countless things that you can advance in by simply playing the game. Over time, progression has become less and less linked to performance and more to the time you spend playing the game, but there are still some cases in which cheats will help you progress faster.

For example, the seasonal rank progression system that replaced COD’s previous Prestige system is entirely reliant on the amount of experience that you get per match. When you get more kills, headshots, and objectives completed, then you’ll naturally get more experience so that you can progress through it faster.

Some of the most notable rewards in Warzone include special emblems that allow you to show off just how much you did over the course of a season. To get the best of these emblems, you’ll also have to complete specific seasonal challenges that will also be much easier when you have cheats at your disposal.

While the Battle Pass system for Warzone is dependent on the amount of time you spend in-game, you’ll also be able to ensure that you have more fun while you’re doing it by using cheats. This will make the Battle Pass levels blow by like they’re nothing and ensure that you enjoy your time in Verdansk.

Dealing With Other Cheaters

One of the major issues with Warzone compared to other Call of Duty games, in the eyes of an anti-cheat developer, is the fact that the game is free to play. If you haven’t purchased either Modern Warfare or Black Ops Cold War, then you may have noticed that Activision insists on you inputting a mobile phone number so that you can authenticate your account.

This is an anti-cheat measure put in place so that cheaters who are caught will have to jump through an extra hoop so that they can create a new account. While it isn’t particularly effective, it shows you how common cheaters are in Warzone, and this can concern any player that tries to get through the game legitimately.

This leads to more and more players deciding to cheat, and it’s not just because they want to have an unfair advantage over the competition but also because they want to be on an even playing field. Warzone isn’t fun when you spend your time wondering whether or not the guy who killed you can see you with an ESP.

An added bonus is that it becomes far easier to tell that someone is hacking when you have cheats of your own. For example, if you can see that someone is clearly looking at you through walls when you have an ESP active, then there’s a good chance that player also has an ESP of their own.


One of the most common goals for any Call of Duty player is to reach the exalted status of having Dark Matter camo, but that can be pretty challenging if you’re only playing Warzone. Compared to playing Black Ops Cold War or Modern Warfare, you can expect to get far fewer kills in Warzone.

This means that you’ll have to rely on alternative approaches so that you can make up for the fewer kills that you can expect to get compared to multiplayer. While some might say that it’s nearly impossible to get Dark Matter playing only Warzone, cheats make it a very real possibility.

For example, getting Bloodthirsty medals with cheats becomes far simpler whereas if you were playing legitimately, you’d have to be a pretty skilled player to get five kills without dying repeatedly. The same goes for the weapon camos that require you to get headshots, as you could simply use an aimbot that locks on to a target’s head.

Looking Better When Playing With Friends

If you’re the kind of player who likes to have fun while playing FPS games and Battle Royales but you play with a bunch of friends that are highly competitive, then you’ve likely been teased for your lack of skill before. While your friends might find it, most people don’t like having jokes made at their expense, and cheats can help you reverse this stigma.

Who says that you have to tell your friends that you’re using cheats when you could simply use them to make yourself look like a better player? Nobody has to know that you’re hacking if you don’t want to let them know that you are, and you can certainly accomplish some impressive things with a varied range of hacks.

For example, if you decide to use an ESP, your friends will think that you have a sixth sense and they’ll be amazed that you know exactly where everyone’s coming from. Of course, you don’t want to make it too obvious that you’re omniscient or your friends may start to doubt the legitimacy of your newfound skills.

Doing the Impossible

Another great thing about hacks for Warzone is that they allow you to accomplish things that would otherwise be impossible. If you ever wanted to experiment with what you can do in Warzone, then there are some risky hacks that you can do to accomplish some incredible feats that will leave your enemies stunned.

For example, noclip hacks will allow you to fly around the map and walk through walls since your player character will no longer be constrained by the laws of physics. On the other hand, speed hacks allow you to run around Verdansk at the speed of a rocket ship, getting amazing trickshots on people who never even saw you.

Yet another impressive hack that allows you to bend the rules of the game is a silent aim cheat, which lets you kill another player even if you can’t see them. It essentially allows you to damage another player no matter where you are on the map, getting nearly instant kills on people who never would have expected you to be there.

Because It’s Easy

The final factor that we’re going to cover that encourages people to cheat at Warzone is the fact that it’s easier than ever to hack in the game and to even get away with it. Provided you’re using something protective like an HWID spoofer, you can even ensure that there are fewer consequences if you end up getting caught.

Cheating has never been easier, and it doesn’t require advanced knowledge of the game that you’re playing or even knowledge about coding to do so. All you’ll need to do is run a cheat loader, start Warzone up, configure your cheats (probably the only part that requires at least some knowledge), and you can then load into a match.

As we mentioned earlier, another great thing is that you’re not wasting any money even if you get caught cheating and end up getting banned from Warzone. Since the game is free to play, you’ll be able to start up a new account so that you can get started cheating all over again.

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