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Best PUBG Settings on PC

One of the best things about PC gaming is that you can customize your settings to pick between performance and graphics. In a competitive game like PUBG, you always want to make sure that you have the competitive edge on your opponents. In this guide, we’ll look at the best settings for PUBG on PC.

Fullscreen Exclusive Window Mode

This window mode may make it a little less convenient to alt-tab out of the game, but it also ensures that the game is high on your computer’s priorities when it comes to resources. Windowed programs don’t have as high of a priority as those that are fullscreen, so this is the way to go.

The best thing about fullscreen exclusive mode is that it improves your game performance without any sacrifices in terms of how good the game looks. The only difference is that you’ll have to wait a half-second longer when you’re alt-tabbing out of the game, as we mentioned.


Picking out the ideal FOV is more of a personal choice than one where a choice is outright better than another. Most players play at 90 FOV because that provides them with a good balance, but you may prefer an FOV that’s lower or higher, depending on how you play the game and the size of your monitor.

A higher FOV will allow you to see a larger slice of your screen, so you may be able to see more players around your peripheral vision. However, this comes with the downside of making everything on your screen look smaller, so it may be harder to engage targets at longer range.


V-sync exists to get rid of screen tearing, and it does so by coupling your framerate to your monitor’s refresh rate. Unfortunately, this creates a certain degree of lag. While it may not be as bad as frame rate drops, V-sync makes your controls less responsive, which can potentially get you killed.

Another reason why you may not want to use V-sync is because most modern gaming monitors support G-sync or Freesync, depending on whether you have a Nvidia or AMD graphics card, respectively. This essentially eliminates screen tearing with none of the downsides.


Picking the right level of anti-aliasing can be a challenge, especially if you have an older GPU. This is because anti-aliasing will have a pretty significant impact on performance, but it can also help you immensely with target recognition.

This is because anti-aliasing is responsible for removing the jagged edges around objects in games, making you less likely to confuse a player that’s far away for something else. It’s usually a good idea to set your anti-aliasing level to the point just below it starts having a performance impact.


As in any competitive game, you’ll usually want to lower the foliage setting so that it will be easier to see other players through bushes and shrubs. While the game won’t look quite as good, this will at least ensure that you’re not at a disadvantage.


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