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Best Vehicles in PUBG

zBest Vehicles in PUBG

PUBG was one of the games that spearheaded the battle royale revolution in video games, and it had many innovative features that keep people playing it to this very day. Whether it’s the combination of realistic combat and environments or the ever-expanding repertoire of features, PUBG is a masterpiece of a game.

One of the most innovative inclusions in PUBG was vehicles that make it easier to traverse the maps with ease. Unlike other battle royale games, PUBG has thematic vehicles based on where the map is set. In this article, we’re going to look at the best vehicles in PUBG.

Golden Mirado

While this may not be the most effective vehicle from a gameplay point of view, it’s the rarest one in the game and it’s understandably prized by the community. The Golden Mirado is only available on Mad Miramar and it has about a 1 in 100 chance of spawning, meaning that you’ll have to get very lucky to drive it.

This vehicle is essentially a reskinned version of the Plymouth Duster, but it has a few advantages beyond its more impressive looks. Due to its rarity, the Golden Mirado features some of the best performance in the game, with exceptionally high speed and great traction across a range of different terrain types.


The UAZ is another one of the top vehicles in the game, and it’s essentially the Russian equivalent of the Jeep. This general purpose offroad vehicle features relatively good protection for its occupants due to the large doors with smaller windows compared to civilian vehicles.

One of the best things about the UAZ is that it offers excellent performance across a wide range of terrain types. This is to be expected from a 4x4 vehicle like this one, and it can even climb relatively steep slopes, allowing you to get to vantage points that give you a crucial advantage over the opposition.

Lada Niva

The Lada Niva is a vehicle that can only be found on Vikendi, and it’s one of the best offroad vehicles in the game in terms of both performance and looks. In real life, the Lada Niva was an impressive product, pioneering 4x4 production techniques that would become more and more common over time.

One of the unique design features of the Lada Niva for its time was that it was the first 4x4 with a coil spring front suspension and a unibody design. This translates to a vehicle with excellent performance when it comes to traction both on- and off-road, though it may not be the fastest vehicle on the road.


The BRDM-2 is a relatively unique vehicle that can be summoned by firing a flare at the sky when you’re outside of the safe zone. The reward for jumping through the hoops required to spawn this vehicle is that the BRDM is one of the best armored vehicles in the game due to its extensive survivability.

While the BRDM-2 can be armed in real life, fitting its role as a scout vehicle, in PUBG it is unarmed, like every other vehicle. The BRDM-2 was added to replace the armored UAZ which previously played the role of an armored vehicle, but the developers deemed it a little less realistic than the BRDM-2.


The Bike is technically a BMW R1100, and in real life, the bike was designed to be a dual-sport machine, making it a good fit for PUBG, where you can expect to run into several different environments. This bike is available in a few different maps, including Sanhok, Erangel, and Miramar.

The great thing about this bike is that it features a relatively high top speed of just over 150 KPH. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to fire at enemies while you’re riding this bike so it’s good for making quick getaways, but don’t expect to use it as an offensive tool unless you’re just repositioning.

Hyundai Porter

The Hyundai Porter is one of the most recent vehicles that has been added to the game, and it can be found on the Taego map, as befits its Korean origins. The Porter is not the fastest or best-performing vehicle in the game but it’s a great choice for players looking to carry extra equipment around with them.

That’s because the Porter is the first vehicle in PUBG to incorporate the trunk system, allowing you to store equipment in the back and bring it around with you. Keep in mind that this gear can get destroyed when the vehicle is blown up.

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