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Combining Cheats with PUBG’s Game Mechanics

If you’re going to make the most of your cheats in a game, you have to know how they will synergize with a game’s mechanics so that you can excel. Over the course of this article, we’re going to explore some of the best ways you can combine your cheats with PUBG’s game mechanics.

There’s Not Much of a Need for an Aimbot in PUBG

Aimbots are popular because of how they can completely change around your gameplay experience and make you a much more effective killer, but they’re also dangerous. Using an aimbot is one of the main reasons why cheaters end up getting themselves banned when they cheat.

Thanks to PUBG’s hardcore game mechanics, an aimbot is a lot less necessary than in other games. When you can kill another player with a few shots, you don’t have to stick your aim to them for as long, meaning that precision is a bit less important than it would be in other games.

As long as you can make the most of your ESP to ensure that enemies are always where you expect them to be, you can predict their movements and ensure that you always end up on top in a fight. If you’re going to use an aimbot and you’d like to reduce your chances of getting caught, you can always use the aimbot FOV and aimbot smoothness settings.

Finding the Right Weapons with an Item ESP

As with any other battle royale game, a huge part of success is ensuring that you have access to the right gear, and finding it can often be a major challenge. If you struggle to find gear before you get shot by someone who knows where all of the best spawns are, you can always use an item ESP.

Configurable item ESPs allow you to keep track of all loot locations across the map, and you can even filter the loot on the ground based on what you’re looking for. For example, if you only want to look for a particular kind of weapon, you can filter it so that you can see that with ease.

You can even use this kind of ESP before you drop so that you’ll know exactly where to go so that you can get the best weapons. Keep in mind that you may have some competition from other cheaters that can also see the position of that gun, so make sure that you’re the one who lands first.

Using Cheats with Vehicles

If you’re trying to hunt down the top players in the lobby so you’ll have less of a challenge later on in the round, you can combine your cheats with vehicles for faster transportation.

Some cheats even allow you to spawn vehicles or teleport them to you, so if you need to get out of a difficult situation or escape the storm, you’ll always have a way out. Some cheats even allow you to make vehicles fly.

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