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How Cheats Can Help You Progress in PUBG

By Tom Capper – Updated July 20th, 2021


Progression systems tend to be the things that keep us coming back for more when we play our favorite games, but they tend to be grindy and annoying to get through if you don’t have a bunch of time on your hands. Here’s a short guide on how cheats can help you make your way through PUBG with ease.

Weapon Mastery

The weapon mastery system was added as a way to reward players who play PUBG more frequently and who like to specialize in certain weapons. The more you use a weapon and the better you perform with it, the more rewards you’ll earn for that particular gun, though the grind can often be a little tedious.

For example, you can earn things like charms and master emblems that will allow you to show other players how much you’ve used a specific weapon. While these may not affect your performance, they will allow you to show off, which is half of what makes this game so much fun.

To gain weapon master levels, you’ll need to kill other players, but pulling off more challenging shots will allow you to level your gun faster. As you might expect, a cheat like an aimbot with adjustable aim bones will allow you to make more difficult shots with relative ease, allowing you to master guns far faster.

Survival Mastery

After the success of weapon mastery, the developers decided to also add in survival mastery. While weapon mastery is a metric of how much you’ve used a specific weapon, survival mastery is a way of determining how you play the game, since there are so many different ways you can enjoy a battle royale like PUBG.

Along with showing you how you play the game with factors like engagement length, distance at which you fight enemies, items you loot per game, and more, the system also features experience. You gain survival mastery XP for making your way through blue zones safely and by surviving games.

Much like weapon mastery, the survival mastery system isn’t necessarily tied to your time played but rather to your performance. This means that cheats which improve your performance will allow you to make your way through the survival mastery system with ease. For example, aimbots and ESPs tend to be particularly helpful at that.

Survivor Pass

Yet another progression system that has been added to PUBG since the game was released is the survivor pass. This is PUBG’s version of a battle pass, complete with ranks and rewards based on the amount of time you’ve played the game and not your performance. While this theoretically means that cheats won’t help you through it, that’s not entirely true.

For example, if you get frustrated with PUBG and you stop playing the game, that cuts down on the speed with which you make your way through the survivor pass. When you’re hacking in PUBG, it becomes a lot easier to play the game for longer periods of time because it’s less likely that you’ll end up getting annoyed or frustrated.

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