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How to Hide Your Cheats From Other Players in PUBG

The one bad thing about cheating is that you can get caught and banned if anti-cheat or another player catches on to the fact that you’re hacking. If you’re trying to hack without getting caught in PUBG, then this guide will go over some of the best ways to hide the fact that you’re cheating.

Properly Configuring Your Aimbot

One of the most common ways that people get caught when using hacks is through their aimbots. Aimbots are some of the most useful cheats available because of how they directly impact your gameplay and make you better at a shooter game like PUBG, though they’re also extremely risky.

The thing about an aimbot is that it can often be obvious that you’re using it because of the superhuman reflexes that one gives. Some PUBG players have excellent twitch reflexes to the point that they may make you think they’re machines, but no one is fast enough to mirror an aimbot.

However, cheat developers understand that it’s easy to get caught if you have an aimbot that instantly locks itself to enemies, and that’s why the aimbot smoothness setting exists. Ensuring that your aimbot smoothness is set to the right level can dramatically reduce your chances of getting caught.

When you activate the aimbot smoothness setting, it essentially slows down the speed with which your aimbot locks itself to enemy targets. This may make your aimbot a little less effective but it will still ensure that you’re able to aim at people with the speed of an esports pro.

A lower smoothness setting makes you more likely to get caught but makes you a more effective fighter. Higher smoothness makes you look like there’s an actual person doing the aiming instead of the bot. If you’re worried that people will notice your jerky aim, then you’ll want to turn up the smoothness setting.

However, smoothness isn’t the only way to make sure that you don’t get caught using an aimbot, since the FOV setting may also be crucial. The aimbot FOV determines the forward-facing angle in which your aimbot works, so if you set your aimbot FOV to 90 degrees, it will only work in a 90-degree cone in front of you.

This ensures that you don’t end up doing anything suspicious like turning around and shooting an enemy that’s right behind you and that you couldn’t possibly have seen. Your aimbot FOV also ensures that your aimbot will always be predictable and that it won’t take control of your point of aim at the worst possible moment.

Avoid No Recoil and No Spread Cheats

There are few cheats that are as noticeable to an outside observer as both no recoil and no spread cheats. These hacks allow you to reduce the amount of recoil or spread that your weapon features to the point that you can fire it with pinpoint accuracy like a laser beam. While this makes you a highly effective killer, it also makes it obvious you’re hacking.

Think about it from the perspective of someone that you just killed while using your no recoil or no spread cheats. If someone is able to land every shot on you without even a miss, it’s easy to assume that they’re hacking, especially if they’re using a fully automatic weapon with high recoil and relatively low accuracy.

While you can use these cheats from time to time just to try them out, growing reliant on them means that you can likely expect to end up getting banned sooner rather than later. If you have to use a cheat that impacts recoil, use something like a recoil control system that can mitigate recoil without eliminating it fully.

Try to Avoid Using Your ESP to Prefire People

Having an ESP allows you to determine where enemies are located with a preternatural sense but it also exposes you to some risks. Even though these risks aren’t as significant as using an aimbot, it can still sometimes be relatively easy to determine that someone is using an ESP.

For example, if you make a habit of going around corners while prefiring the exact spot where an enemy is located, then sooner or later, people are going to catch on to the fact that you’re not just lucky. Try to position yourself so that you can engage targets that you see with your ESP without making it blatantly obvious that you’re using hacks to pinpoint their location.

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