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Our Favorite New PUBG Features

PUBG’s updates are unlike the updates to other games. Other games tend to focus on adding things like guns or maps, which can grab your attention but won’t overhaul how the game works. Don’t get us wrong, PUBG’s developers have added plenty of these too, but they aren’t necessarily the main focus on many major updates.

Some of the latest updates to this game have featured the addition of entirely new game mechanics that have transformed how the game functions entirely. This creates new gameplay opportunities and makes the game more exciting for everyone involved. We’re going to look at what we would define as the best gameplay additions to PUBG in recent years.

The Carry Feature

With the release of Update 14.1, PUBG added in a mechanic where you can carry wounded survivors with you to safety. This allows you to save your teammates when they get themselves into tough positions that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to get them out of. You do this by picking them up and carrying them over your shoulders.

However, the developers have included a few restrictions that impact you when you’re carrying an ally so that this feature doesn’t end up being overpowered. For example, you can sprint or jump when you’re carrying a teammate, so you’ll need to be slower and more methodical about how you move.

You also can’t use healing items when an ally is slung over your shoulders, so you’ll have to suck it up and take the damage that you receive. Speaking of damage, your teammates also won’t be able to absorb any fire for you while you’re carrying them, so enemies will be able to damage you directly.

The Trunk System

The release of Update 13.2 for PUBG marked the introduction of the Hyundai Porter pickup, an inclusion which ties in nicely with the new Taego map released in the previous update. This truck marked the launch of the game’s trunk system, which allows you to carry additional loot around in your vehicle.

This radically changes what you can do in the game, allowing you to carry around things like healing items and other crucial pieces of situational gear in your pickup truck’s trunk. By allowing you to extend your carrying capacity, you’re able to do a lot more. Keep in mind that all of the items will be lost if your truck is destroyed.

Comeback BR

Comeback BR is a gamemode that was introduced alongside the Taego map in Update 12.2, and it is designed to be more approachable for those who are new to battle royale games. In Comeback BR, you’re able to come back into the fight, but there are a few restrictions.

You’re only able to make it back into the game if you die during the first blue zone, so if you die any later, you’re fresh out of luck. This gamemode clearly took inspiration from the Gulag system that is featured in Warzone and allows players to return to the fight after they’ve been killed.

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