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PUBG: Before I Cheated vs. After I Cheated

By Tom Capper – Updated June 21st, 2021


Playing PUBG can often get frustrating, like with any battle royale, but there are a few specific things about PUBG that makes the game a little more difficult to work with. For example, the realistic nature of PUBG makes the game a lot less forgiving than other shooter battle royale games.

Over the course of this article, I’m going to take a look at how the decision to start cheating in PUBG impacted my gameplay and my satisfaction with PUBG. These are personal anecdotes, and everyone will have a different experience when they start using hacks, so be sure to keep that in mind.

Less Frustration

One of the most notable differences between before I cheated and after I cheated was the fact that I was far less frustrated with PUBG with my hacks. For example, I used to rage quit the game when I’d lose several games in a row, but since I started cheating, getting killed in a rage-inducing way is a lot less common.

This is because I have the tools that I need to determine where enemies are coming from and I always know how to expect someone to react when I sneak up on them. Of course, if I run into a hacker, I’ll still end up frustrated from time to time, but my frustration with legit players has been cut down significantly.

More Consistent Wins

Having improved skills granted through cheats ensures that you’re able to win games more consistently. One of the issues with battle royale games is that winning is so rare because there are simply so many more players that you have to contend with so you can win a game.

Using cheats will allow you to more easily get the upper hand on other players, ensuring that you survive until later in the match. When I started making it into the late game more consistently, my win percentage jumped dramatically, making the game a lot more fun and more rewarding.

Easier Progress Through the Survivor Pass

Progressing through the Survivor Pass often takes iron skin and some serious determination and dedication to PUBG. It’s a lot easier to stay dedicated to a game when you’re having a good time playing it, and using cheats will cut down on the number of reasons you have to stop playing the game.

Most of the time, I would stop playing PUBG after having a frustrating round or losing a game, but since this has become a lot less common with cheats, it has allowed me to play the game more often and more consistently. This has increased my progress through the Survivor Pass dramatically.

Fighting Cheaters is Easier Than Ever

I used to cower in fear when I’d run into a cheater in PUBG, but now that I have cheats, it will be a lot easier to fight against them when you’re on equal terms. Having cheats of your own will allow you to fight cheaters without having to rage out that they’re destroying you without any fighting chance.

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