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PUBG Best Weapons

In any shooter, figuring out which guns work best will give you quite a competitive advantage, but in battle royale games, that’s even truer. This is because you’ll often be forced to choose between two different types of weapons when you come across one as loot. Let’s take a look at the best weapons in PUBG.

Beryl M762

The M762 is PUBG’s AK (at least the modernized version if you discount the AKM), and if you’ve played shooters for any amount of time, you’re likely already acquainted with this iconic gun. The AK is known for having decent damage thanks to its 7.62mm ammunition, as well as its moderate rate of fire which makes it easier to keep your shots on target.

Unlike in other games, the M762 doesn’t have excessive recoil, making it easier for you to keep the gun on target. While it’s not quite as easy to use without attachments as some of the other assault rifles, the high skill ceiling of the M762 makes it an excellent choice for those trying to get the most out of their guns.


The M416 is yet another iconic weapon that lives up to its reputation in PUBG. Compared to the M762, the M416 is a little easier to use without attachments. It features a higher rate of fire but lower recoil, making it easier to keep on target at long range, though its 5.56mm ammo cuts down on its killing power.

One of the best things about the M416 is that the recoil is somewhat delayed, so you won’t have to immediately compensate for it if you’re firing in short bursts. Mastering the gun’s burst fire will allow you to effectively engage targets even out to longer ranges.


The AWM is simply a beast of a sniper rifle, and if you’re looking to kill enemies at extended ranges, you’ll find no better choice. Our favorite thing about the AWM is that it doesn’t give your opponent a chance to react since they’ll have no idea where you are if you’re using the weapon effectively.

That being said, the AWM isn’t perfect, since you’ll need the right set of attachments to ensure that it’s as effective as possible. For example, if you don’t have a scope, the AWM will be a lot less effective, if not useless. Also, don’t try to use it at close range against an automatic weapon.


While you’ll only get it from air drops, the MG3 is one of the most terrifying weapons in the game. Even though it’s a little bit heavy, you’ll be able to put out a stunning amount of fire in a short time because of the extremely high rate of fire that the MG3 features as well as its powerful ammunition.

The downside to the MG3 is that you’ll need to go prone and use the bipod to ensure that it’s as stable as possible when you’re firing it. This makes it an excellent ambush weapon.


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