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PUBG Crate Guide

By Tom Capper – Updated May 25th, 2021


The PUBG crate system is a very intuitive one. If you've played the game for yourself, you already know that there are certain pieces of clothing that are more sought after than others – this is something that you'll find becoming more common in battle royale games. When you have a stellar skin load-out and optimal PUBG hacks bundled up into one package, there's essentially nothing that will stop you from obliterating every single player you come into contact with. Understanding the loot crate system is a must, as you won't be able to make the most of your matches otherwise.

There are a lot of different clothing items to take into account, as well as many kinds of loot crates that you can purchase. All of the individual loot crates will have specific items in them according to the crate type, which is something we'll cover more later on in the article. Weapon skins can get quite expensive when you begin to get into the rare variety, but never fear; this guide will walk you through things with ease.

Loot Crate Types/h2>
Much like any other popular first-person shooter, PUBG has implemented a system where you'll earn crates by playing the game – the only issue is that you'll have to pay $2.50 for a key to open them. There aren't any PUBG hacks out there that can promise you free crate keys, as that's how they earn their money (they is referring to the developers). Understanding what you can get inside of specific crates will allow you to target the ones you truly want, wasting very little money and time in the process.

While each crate is going to offer up a different list of potential skins, some are going to be rarer than others (and as a result, more expensive/time consuming to get your hands on them). The list of crates that you could potentially purchase is as follows:

Aviator Crate
Equinox Crate
Triumph Crate
Raider Crate
Fever Crate
Militia Crate
Desperado Crate
Biker Crate
“Gamescom Invitational” Crate
Survivor Crate
Wanderer Crate
Pioneer Crate

As you can already tell, there are a lot of crates to navigate through; each one including a different list of potential pulls. Having better clothing and items in general will always give you an advantage in PUBG, so much so that you'll feel as if you're using a PUBG !

When Do I Earn Crates?/h2>
Pioneer Crates are earned by purchasing them with BP (battle points), a currency that you earn at the end of each match. You can use your battle points to purchase crates, although in some cases you are limited in regards to the amount of crates you can open per week. For an example, let's take a look at the most sought after loot crate for most people (Pioneer). It doesn't have the best items, but it simply doesn't require you to spend any money.

When you're purchasing a Pioneer Crate with battle points, it's going to operate on a scaled level of pricing. It works as listed below:

First Crate – 700 BP
Second Crate – 1,400 BP
Third Crate – 2,800 BP
Fourth Crate – 4,200 BP
Fifth Crate – 5,600 BP

Since it's the most sought after crate type, it's going to be a very expensive purchase after the initial one. You can buy Pioneer Crates for as long as you'd like, although after the fifth one they begin to cost a whopping 7,000 BP. This makes the usage of playerunkown's battleground hacks even more important, as winning a match is going to get you that much closer your most prized possession (that being a Pioneer Crate).

The “crates opened” number that you sport is going to reset every single week on the Monday, so if you've reached your limit, you can always come back the next week. This means that it can be a weekly endeavor, and you'll begin to find yourself obsessed with obtaining that next crate.

Having tons of tools on your side (like a PUBG ESP or PUBG , even a PUBG recoil script) will make winning matches and earning BP easier than most players could ever dream of.

Why Do the Crates Increase in Price?/h2>
Certain items in the game wouldn't remain rare if there wasn't a price point attached to them. If the crates were all super easy to obtain, there wouldn't be any reason for people to grind their days out trying to get something good. Think of it as supply and demand in a sense, as when you aren't willing to pay a certain amount of BP for the crate, the items will remain “forever locked”.

Some crates are very obviously much more popular than others, and if you could just focus on those, the other items that are present in other kinds of crates just wouldn't get used all too often.

Playing for Keeps

This loot crate system is stellar because it allows the player to have goals, and strive to obtain something in the game. If you've looked at our skins guide already, you're aware of some items that people favor over others – not only do these items look great on your character, but there are some advantages to be had as well. Opening crates for jackets will allow you to hold more items (in the world of PUBG, more pockets will mean more room to hold stuff).

You'll want to go for the highest level stuff possible, but that also means you'll have to pay the price to do so. Battle Points are easy to come across unless you're winning tons of matches, which is probably why our PUBG ESP (PUBG wall hacks) have become so popular. If you can't beat the hackers, join them on their quest for all the loot crates their BP could buy.

Some would say it's unethical, and others would say it's simply gaining an edge on the competition.

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