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 25/09/21 23:20 CEST

PUBG Mobile Global hack has been added to our listings!

[PUBG-Mobile] – A new product has been added to our listings! Global!


-Rooted and non-rooted phones!
-Android only.

Enemy ESP
Enemy health
All vehicles near you
All items (guns, ammo, health kit etc....)
Air drop location
Very strong Auto Aiming (Aimbot)
Adjustable FOV
Aim bone
Highly precise aimbot with auto-aim and no-scope aimbot.
Aim bone selector
No recoil
No shake
No camera shake
No grenade shake
Black sky (to improve long range vision)
No MISC features
No lag (for low end devices)
High damage
No fog
No MISC feature

More info about PUBG Mobile Global can be found here:

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