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PUBG Weapon Hack Guide

By Tom Capper – Updated May 25th, 2021


There are an abundance of different weapons to be considered when you drop into the world of PUBG, and they won't always be an obvious choice. Sometimes, you'll find the best gear randomly spawned on the street somewhere; at other times, you'll need to search high and low for it. There are way too many weapons in the game for the average user to know which ones are best, which is why we're here to help. Knowing which weapons are the best will allow you to target the ones you like, as well as practice with them in-game.>

Also, when you have a weapon that does the most damage possible, PUBG hacks (like a PUBG or even PUBG wallhacks) will be that much more useful. There are many different weapon categories to take into consideration, so we're going to list the best of the best in each individual category.

Pistol – P18C an the P1911
Submachine Gun – Vector and UMP9
Shotgun - S686
Assault Rifle – M416 and the Groza (drops only)
Sniper Rifles – AWM and the KAR98K
DMR – Mini 14 and the SLR
Light Machine Gun (LMG) - M249
Melee Weapons – The Infamous Pan
Pistols are more suitable for close range encounters, much like shotguns and SMG's – although they should only be used as a last resort (unless you're a pistol aficionado). Sniper rifles will obviously be much more effective at close range, and when you pair that alongside a stellar PUBG , there's never going to be a shot that you miss.

Assault rifles and DMR's are more suitable for mid-range, while a melee weapon is something that you get up close and personal with (really, really close!). We'll get into more depth with these items in the weapons guide.


The P18C is the only full-auto pistol within the PUBG world, which makes it very effective when you're close to your target. You can spit them down with a flurry of bullets from your pistol, and then have plenty of time to loot their bodies. It's very good to have this during the beginning of the game, where most players won't have the best body armor or helmets. Like most pistols though, the P18C isn't very good when you begin to shoot at them from far away; there is also a decent amount of spray to the bullets.

The P1911 is great because it makes use of .45 ACP rounds, giving it tons of damage potential. When you're close up to an enemy, putting them down may only require two or three shots; again, you're going to struggle when it comes to fighting at a distance with this weapon. It makes up for what it lacks in range with power, that much we're certain of. A PUBG could very well turn you into a pistol-kill dealing machine!


The Vector is great as it allows you to fire an incredible amount of bullets within a small frame of time. The fire-rate is amazing and will gun down just about anybody, given that you are close enough. There's tons of recoil, but a PUBG recoil script could remove that completely; the 13-shot magazine that it sports is a very big downside though. It can leave you without bullets a bit too quickly in some situations, but if you don't miss, it's a done deal for the enemy. Plus, with an extended mag attached to it, there's nothing really to fuss over.

The UMP9 is simply solid, regardless of what you're looking for. Not only is it a solid option, but it's one of the more common drops that you can come across. You'll be able to dish out punishment on both a mid-range and close-range level with this gun. It doesn't have too much recoil, and the attachments available are seemingly endless.


The S686 may require you to reload after a few shots, but that isn't as bad as putting a shell in every single time (like normal shotguns). It's the most powerful shotgun in the game, and two quick shots will demolish just about anyone standing in front of you. If you wanted to instantly kill someone at close range, this is how you would do it. This gun is also quite powerful at long ranges, which is surprising to most; others would say it's cheap. Can you imagine tag teaming a S686 and the right PUBG hacks?

Assault Rifles

M416's will beat out just about every single assault rifle in the game, because it can use any attachment and still offers up decent damage. Without any mods to work with, the SCAR-L would be a better gun, although there are bound to be mods available if you're living long enough. The Groza is a different story, as it's very rare and can only be found in supply crates. The rate of fire and damage is insane, which makes it the best assault rifle in the game; the only problem would be the lack of attachments.

Sniper Rifles

Both the AWM and the Kar98K are stellar sniper rifles, but the AWM is what people seek out most of the time. It's the most powerful bolt-action sniper in the game, making it a target for those sporting a player unknown battleground hack. It offers amazing damage, as well as an 8x scope to go along with the gun itself (it usually appears in the crate with the sniper).

The Kar98K may be a little more “bare-bones”, but it's still a viable option at any rate. It's looked at as the cheaper and “much more affordable” version of the AWM, although it still offers a very high level of damage. It's slow when it comes to the fire-rate (as most snipers would be), but the accuracy can make up for that.

While there are some others guns that we could talk about, we're going to leave it there for now. If you didn't know which guns would be the most suitable for certain situations, this guide should have helped you out quite a bit – now get out there and start looting!

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