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PUBG Weapons Guide: Top Firearms and Their Features

In the realm of PUBG, one pressing question resonates among players: which are the best guns to wield? The stakes in any first-person shooter game are high, and the choice of weaponry can tip the scales between victory and defeat. Initially, the game begins simply enough – grab the first available firearm for self-defense. However, as the game progresses, tactical considerations come to the forefront, and decision-making becomes increasingly complex.

It's crucial to bear in mind that you can only carry two primary weapons, along with a pistol, a melee weapon, and grenades. As the game advances, especially in its critical stages, having top-tier weapons becomes imperative. Therefore, it's wise to familiarize yourself with the best weapons and their locations in advance. For additional PUBG tips and strategies, don't forget to consult our comprehensive PUBG Guide, suitable for beginners and advanced players alike.

The following guide offers an extensive overview of high-end weapons, covering crucial attributes like damage, range, stability/recoil, rate of fire, ammo capacity, and attachment options.

PUBG New Weapons

We pledge to keep this section updated as additional guns are introduced in future PUBG versions. Stay tuned for forthcoming updates.


PUBG Desert Eagle Handgun The Desert Eagle

Also known as the Deagle, this handgun boasts a potent 0.45 ACP caliber round. In PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, the Desert Eagle reigns supreme as the premier pistol, packing a devastating punch. Ideal for close-range combat, this high-damage pistol is found on all PUBG maps. The Desert Eagle delivers a remarkable 62-point damage per shot, allowing you to eliminate even helmeted foes with just two headshots. With various attachments available, including scopes, grips, and extenders, you can further enhance this impressive sidearm.


The Best Guns in PUBG


PUBG Assault Rifles PUBG M416 Assault Rifle M416

Firing 5.56mm caliber rounds, the M416 stands out among assault rifles thanks to its extensive customization options. Offering more attachment slots than any other AR, it allows for versatile enhancements. Additionally, the M416 boasts minimal recoil, enabling precise control during fully automatic fire.

PUBG AR Groza Groza

Equipped with a 7.62mm caliber round, the Groza AR excels in damage per second, ranking second only to a few guns in the category. It shines in close combat while still delivering formidable long-range firepower. However, this AR is exclusively found in airdrops and features a 3.1-second reload time, a factor to consider in the midst of battle.

PUBG AR Beryl Beryl M762

Featuring a 7.62mm caliber round, the Beryl M762 offers outstanding damage per second, striking a balance between speed and firepower. Multiple attachments can be employed to improve grip and control, although its recoil can be challenging to manage. When wielded skillfully, the Beryl proves effective for medium to long-range encounters.

PUBG DMRs PUBG DMR Mini 14 Mini 14

Firing 5.56 caliber rounds, the Mini 14 may not pack the same punch as others, but its exceptional accuracy sets it apart from fellow DMRs. Utilize a scope attachment for optimal long-range effectiveness, and appreciate the extended magazine size.


Employing a 7.62 caliber round, the SKS offers superior damage stats and boasts the most attachment slots among all DMRs. Its slower reload speed and diminished accuracy compared to the Mini 14 are drawbacks, but it still ranks high on our list of preferred DMRs in PUBG.


Equipped with a 7.62 caliber round, the MK14 EBR shares similarities with the SKS but has the added capability of switching to fully automatic fire. It comes with increased damage and higher recoil compared to the SKS and can only be found in airdrops.

PUBG Sniper Rifles PUBG Best Sniper Rifles AWM AWM

Utilizing a 0.300 Magnum round, the AWM, short for Arctic Warfare Magnum, stands as a unique sniper rifle in PUBG. It's one of two long-range weapons capable of achieving a one-shot headshot kill, even against level 3 helmet-wearing opponents. The AWM, exclusively found in airdrops, is a formidable weapon with a limited ammo capacity. Take care to manage your shots, as this gun's loud firing sound can betray your position.

PUBG Sniper Rifle Kar98k Kar98k

Firing a 7.62 caliber round, the Kar98k may not deliver one-shot kills against level 3 helmet-wearing foes, but lower-tier helmets stand no chance. Unlike the AWM, the Kar98k isn't exclusive to airdrops, making it a readily available weapon. While it may lack speed, it pairs effectively with various scopes.

PUBG SMGs PUBG SMG Vector Gun Vector

Employing a 0.45 caliber round, the Vector excels in close and mid-range combat due to its low recoil and moderate damage output. It boasts the most attachment possibilities among SMGs, albeit with a limited standard ammo clip, which can be upgraded. Exceptional accuracy and rapid fire make the Vector a popular choice for many players.


Firing a 0.45 caliber round, the UMP has long been regarded as the top SMG in PUBG. It features a substantial ammo clip that holds nearly three times the ammunition of the Vector. However, its slow firing rate may not always suit encounters with opponents. The UMP can be customized with attachments to enhance control and reduce recoil, making it an ideal choice for close-range combat with respectable firing range.


Utilizing a 5.7 caliber round, the P90 is a compact yet powerful SMG in PUBG. It offers a 50-round magazine, laser sight, and silencer, making it impressive in terms of both range and size. Currently, the P90 can only be found in airdrops.


PUBG Shotguns


PUBG Shotgun Best to Use S686 S686

Firing 12 Gauge shotgun rounds, the S686 stands out with its ability to discharge two rounds in rapid succession, boasting the shortest time between shots among shotguns. However, precision is essential, as missing a shot necessitates a quick reload or weapon switch to avoid death. The S686's reload times can make the difference between survival and defeat, so use it judiciously and always have a backup weapon at the ready.

PUBG Best Shotguns S12K S12K

Firing 12 Gauge shotgun rounds, the S12K distinguishes itself with its semi-automatic capabilities, offering a high rate of fire. With the potential to hit multiple targets, it's a powerful choice for close-range engagements. Excessive recoil and a limited firing range are its downsides, but within close quarters, the S12K is a formidable option.


PUBG Best Pistols


PUBG Handguns P18C P18C

Firing 9mm caliber rounds, the P18C is a favored sidearm among PUBG players. It features the shortest time between shots, making it effective for close-quarters combat. While its power is limited, its substantial magazine capacity compensates for the lack of firepower. Various attachments are available to reduce its pronounced recoil.

PUBG Pistol P1911 P1911

Utilizing a 0.45 ACP caliber round, the P1911 stands out for its stopping power, making it ideal for close combat situations. Stick to ranges no greater than 10 to 50 meters for maximum effectiveness. Attachments can expand your ammo capacity or enable a quickdraw magazine for swift reloads.


PUBG Grenades, PUBG Top-Rated Grenades to Use


Smoke Grenade

When used strategically, a smoke grenade creates a smokescreen, obscuring your visibility to adversaries. Employ this item to enhance offensive maneuvers or provide temporary cover in exposed positions. Use caution when deploying smoke grenades indoors, as they may inadvertently reveal your location or impair your own visibility.

Frag Grenade

Frag grenades need to be "cooked," meaning they're not activated instantly; instead, they're held for a specific duration before throwing to ensure they explode at the right moment. This minimizes the chance of wasting your items and offers minimal time for opponents to evade the blast. Frag grenades disperse shrapnel in close proximity, causing damage to those caught in the blast.


PUBG Crossbow & Melee Crossbow and Melee Weapons for PUBG



PUBG's crossbow stands out as a unique and tempting weapon for various reasons. Whether you're seeking long-range kills similar to those achieved with sniper rifles or simply want to try something new, the crossbow offers a silent and enjoyable experience. Use it effectively at distances ranging from 100 to 400 meters, taking into account arrow drop at extended ranges.

Melee Weapons

PUBG provides a range of common melee weapons, including the crowbar, sickle, machete, and frying pan. The frying pan serves as protection against shots to a specific area of your body, making it valuable for defense. In zombie mode, the crowbar and machete prove handy when no other weapons are available. The frying pan also helps block shots from various ranged weapons, adding a fun and practical aspect to its use.


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