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The Best Maps in EFT

Escape From Tarkov is filled with highly-detailed maps that each have their own personality, and that’s one of the best things about Battlestate Games’ critically-acclaimed shooter. However, if you’re new to the game, you may be confused by the breadth of maps available to you. Here are our favorite Escape From Tarkov maps.


Customs is the first map that most players get into because most of the starting quests are based there. The best thing about Customs is that it features a little bit of everything, allowing new players to get used to various kinds of fighting and how they should play the game based on their surroundings.

Another great thing about Customs is that it’s one of the few maps that isn’t filled to the brim with players trying their hardest. Don’t get us wrong, you’ll still run into sweaty players on Customs, but the huge number of starting quests here means that you’ll get into a lot more fights where you’re evenly matched with your opponents.

The only exception to this is in the dorms, where the best players usually rush to get to the marked and locked rooms.


Reserve is a more advanced map, where you’ll typically see some of the better players. While Reserve certainly has its flaws, like limited extract options, that particular issue has gotten better with the addition of the D2 Bunker extract underground, which is pretty easy to access if you don’t get killed in the tunnels.

One of the best things about Reserve is the quality of the loot that you can find on the map, and it used to be a favorite for hatchet runners before the changes to the Found in Raid system. Regardless, the map still provides you with plenty of opportunities to get quality loot and it’s beautifully designed.


Shoreline is yet another map where you’ll find plenty of good loot, and it’s one of the most popular maps for players looking for a LEDX spawn. As one of the most valuable pieces of loot in the game, it makes sense that you’ll find plenty of players competing for the few guaranteed spawn points on the map.

Most of the LEDX spawns on Shoreline are in the Sanitarium/Resort, but that doesn’t mean that it’s the only worthwhile point of interest on the map. You can still make some good money by checking out the surrounding areas, which also tend to be far less competitive.


Interchange is the last of our favorite maps, and we love it because it offers such a different experience compared to the other maps. Set in a mega-mall, Interchange provides a unique experience since you aren’t going through industrial areas or heavily wooded surroundings.

Instead, you’re fighting through the remnants of fast food restaurants and storefronts, or up and down an abandoned highway and railway. Another great thing about Interchange is that the mall features a few tech stores that usually have high-end loot like GPUs in them.

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