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Tips for Staying Alive in PUBG

Tips for Staying Alive in PUBG

Battle royales have entirely changed the way that people approach shooter games. Whereas previous FPS and third-person shooter games have largely consisted of team-based matches, games like PUBG and Fortnite turned that formula on its head, making a win something that’s truly addictive.

However, wins in these games are so addictive because they’re so much harder for a player to get their hands on. In this guide, we’re going to take a look at some of the top tips that you should follow if you want to make it easier on yourself to get that sought-after chicken dinner in PUBG.

Stick to the Edge of the Circle Throughout the Game

When you first land, it may be tempting to head towards the area where you assume the blue’s going to shrink down to. While this will keep you safe from the storm, it won’t keep you safe from other players that are likely moving in the same direction. If you want to be safe, stick near the edges of the map.

Even once you’re past the opening minutes of the game, making sure that you’re sticking to the edges of the circle means that you’re less likely to run into multiple enemies at once. While you may still run into one or two enemies from time to time, you’re a lot less likely to get surrounded by your targets.

Use Cover and Concealment

Every good battle royale player knows the importance of hard cover that can shield you from enemy bullets and grenade fragments, but many players fail to recognize the importance of soft cover. Soft cover is a type of cover that doesn’t shield you from enemy fire but still shields you from prying eyes.

This can include bushes and other kinds of foliage. Just because something can’t stop enemies from shooting you, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t hide behind it. In a game like PUBG, where visibility is a huge part of staying alive, be sure to use soft cover as much as you can when traversing open areas.

Pick the Right Armor

Picking the right armor up can mean the difference between you living and dying, but there are different rules that determine what helmets are best and which vests are best. In the case of helmets, you typically want to pick up a level 3 helmet no matter what since it will save you from M24 headshots.

When it comes to vests, the durability matters a bit more than it does with helmets. For example, a level 2 vest that has full health will be a better choice than a level 3 vest that is at 25% health. This is because it will keep you alive longer, even if it isn’t as efficient at blocking individual shots.

This only changes when you’re reaching the end of a round. If you’re going up against just a few more players, then you may want to block more damage using a level 3 and it doesn’t matter if your armor breaks when you’ve already won.


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