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Top 4 PUBG Maps

Over the course of its lifespan, PUBG has seen the addition of many new maps, with the most recent one being Taego, set in South Korea. With the addition of each of these maps, it becomes a little more complicated to rate them and figure out which one is best. Aside from using cheats, knowing the map that you’re on could give you a crucial advantage.

Over the course of today’s guide, we’re going to take a look at everything you need to know about the top four maps in PUBG. We’ll explore what makes them different from each other and we’ll give you a little bit of background about why we like each of them more or less than the other.

1- Erangel

Erangel is the top map on our list, and that’s the case with good reason. This map made it to the top because it’s the original map that was in PUBG when the game launched. While the original map is rarely the best in any game because of refinements that happen over the course of the game’s lifespan, Erangel is special.

This is a great map due to its layout. It’s almost as if the game’s developers knew that they needed the perfect mix of terrain to make PUBG the perfect battle royale. Erangel is incredibly diverse when it comes to the terrain that you’ll see featured on it, ranging from long-range engagements to shorter ones.

Another great thing about Erangel is that vehicles don’t feel out of place on it, like they do on other smaller maps. There is also plenty of elevation that you’ll have to contend with, so you may end up fighting against enemies who are on the low ground, giving you a key advantage over them.

2 - Vikendi

Vikendi is a great map because it takes a lot of what makes Erangel great and it refines it further. This map is one of the most unique maps in the game but another great thing about it is the story behind the map. Vikendi started off as one of the most hated maps in PUBG, but it certainly didn’t stay that way.

Over the course of its existence, Vikendi has become better and better and it is one of the best-looking maps in the game. One of the better things about Vikendi is that it’s a snow map, making it the only PUBG map that is set during the wintertime. Aside from that, the map has great gameplay.

The existence of weather makes Vikendi incredibly special, though it’s a little bit smaller than some of the other maps. Vikendi also features unique points of interest like the resort and the castle. All of this comes together to make Vikendi one of the better maps you’ll find in the game.

3 - Miramar

Miramar is another one of the original maps in PUBG, and it meets a level of excellence that is only matched by maps like Vikendi and Erangel. What we love about Miramar is its sheer size. This map is huge enough to make vehicles worth using, as well as long-ranged weapons like sniper rifles.

Unfortunately, Miramar has a couple of issues that make it a little worse than some of the other maps in-game. For example, the desert design of this map ensures that it’s a little less diverse than the other maps, meaning that it lacks the points of interest that make the other maps so interesting.

The major issue with Miramar is that the map doesn’t have much cover, meaning that people with longer-ranged weapons have the power to cause you inordinate amounts of damage. If you can’t find a sniper rifle within a few moments of the match starting, you can kiss your chances of winning goodbye.

4 - Sanhok

Sanhok isn’t the best map on this list, but it’s still acceptable compared to some of the worse maps in PUBG, like Karakin. What makes Sanhok great is how unique its environment is, being based in the jungles of a southeast Asian country.

Keep in mind that Sanhok is also one of the smaller maps in PUBG, meaning that it has some fundamental differences compared to other maps when it comes to how it plays. Since this game is a little slower, Sanhok offers some interesting gameplay but it may not necessarily fit PUBG.

PUBG has always been a game that features big maps, and perhaps it can one day be overhauled so that it has a little bit more to offer.

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