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What Are FIFA 22 Hacks & Cheats and How Do They Work?

By Tom Capper – Last Updated: June 18, 2022


For almost 3 decades, the FIFA series has been the undisputed king of sports games. Others have tried, but have ultimately failed to secure as much of an audience as EA has managed to. The reason for this is due to constant, iterative developments in technology that the series has year on year. FIFA 22 is the latest example of this, with some of the best graphics in gaming.

Graphics aren’t everything - and if this was all that FIFA 22 had going for it, it would have lost its player base long ago. What makes FIFA great is its realistic, yet addicting gameplay loop. The core of the game is simple - it’s a soccer simulation, where you choose a team to play and a team to play against. You get to control each player individually, and you often need to adapt strategies on the fly to respond to dynamic match conditions.


The FIFA series is also known for its stand-out Ultimate Team mode. This gives you full freedom to design and customize a FIFA team of your own, choosing the best players from several teams around the world to create what is truly the ultimate team.

FIFA 22 introduced more customization to the ultimate team, as well as more regular content updated with its seasonal challenges and rewards. Each season in FIFA 22 has themed content kits and tifos, that give you a reason to keep coming back to the game. Whether you prefer to go solo or want to play with friends, FIFA 22 is the ultimate soccer experience. 

There’s one part of FIFA 22 that might put some players off though - the grind. Perhaps intentionally designed by EA to steer you towards microtransactions, grinding for coins to unlock cosmetics and other features in-game can take weeks or months. This is assuming that you win every game you play and that you play for hours per day…which isn’t realistic.

Do you wish that video games could be fun without being tedious? So do we - that’s why we have the solution. FIFA 22 hacks can help you get what you want without having to go through the boring, frustrating process of grinding. Keep reading to learn more about the best FIFA 22 hacks!


FIFA 22 Hacks Features

  • 0 Wins Draft: Use this hack setting to guarantee that you’re matched with a player who has never won a game before, meaning that you’re much more likely to get a win. Is it bullying? Most definitely! But it’s okay, losing games as a newbie builds character.
  • Match Speed-up: In offline games, you can speed up the match by up to 2x - this is great for testing out your teams and practicing strategies, without committing up to 20 minutes per game.

  • Auto Shots: This feature is like an aimbot, but for soccer - when in range of the goal, it will automatically take a shot that has a high chance of scoring. You’ll never miss a potential goal-scoring moment again. 


Why use FIFA 22 Hacks?


While they do usually develop great games, EA has a reputation for being one of the greediest publishers in the industry. From including shady DRM in its games, to the infamous “pride and accomplishment” PR disaster, EA teeters at the border between painfully stupid and dangerously incompetent at times.

The fact that FIFA 22, a game that can cost up to $99.99 for the Ultimate edition on some platforms, still allows you to spend up to $99.99 on coins is ridiculous. For the same price as the most expensive edition of the game, you get 12,000 coins. This can buy you 80 Premium Gold packs…which believe it or not, depending on your luck, still might not be enough to get you all the players you want.

What makes this worse is that FIFA 22 is a great game - it’s just let down by its publisher's practices. And as of right now, there’s no real alternative soccer game.

By using FIFA 22 hacks, you remove the need to pay for these egregious microtransactions. Hacks can speed up the grind for coins considerably, and you can get 12,000 coins in a single day of playing while using hacks.

We also like to think of this as a protest against EA - the fewer people that buy microtransactions, the more likely they are to reconsider including them in future games…we hope. 


How do FIFA 22 Hacks work?

FIFA 22 hacks are developed by the teams that we work with, who have years of experience in developing hacks for FIFA titles. Depending on the type of FIFA 22 hack you use will depend on exactly how it works. If you play offline games, then the hacks will directly interact with your game to do things such as speed up or slow down your matches.

In online games, hacks can’t do this because they will not reflect the changes on the other person's screen. Instead, online hacks will exploit the data that is sent and received between the client (your game) and the server (online FIFA 22 servers). 

Are FIFA 22 Hacks Safe?

EA has never been great at dealing with hackers - even in malicious cases of hacking such as the scandal where 50 high-profile accounts were compromised, EA was slow to respond. If they can’t even be proactive on issues where users' data is at risk, then we think that you’re going to be pretty safe if you use hacks sensibly.

As long as you don’t make your usage of hacks obvious, by doing things such as streaming while using hacks, or telling your opponent that you’re hacking (yes, people do this!) then you’re very unlikely to be banned for using FIFA 22 hacks.

Best Hacks for FIFA 22 



The best FIFA 22 hacks are essential for helping you to improve your win-loss ratio and make the grind for coins much more tolerable. We’re unsure of the future of the FIFA series since EA lost the license to develop FIFA games, but you can be sure that we'll always have the best hacks for any upcoming soccer simulation games.

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