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Best FIFA 22 Hacks & Cheats

By Tom Capper – Last Updated: June 1, 2022


Year on year, the FIFA series impresses us with its state-of-the-art graphics, addicting gameplay, and polished features and systems. Whether you play on PC or console, it’s easy to agree that the latest FIFA title should be part of your game library.

From May 3, FIFA 22 was made free for a limited time to PS Plus subscribers. This has led to a lot of fresh eyes on the game, and the player base has only continued to grow since then. The game is still receiving frequent title updates from EA, be it bug fixes or entirely new gameplay elements being added.

Anyone can play FIFA - and this is both a blessing and a curse. It means that the game is accessible to all, no matter their skill. It also means that high-skill and low-skill players often clash, and it’s obvious who the winner usually is.

Losing in FIFA feels worse than in other competitive games because you can see the emotions of the players you control - and being based on a real-world sport, you know these emotions are all too real.

No more losing - without FIFA 22 hacks, you’ll be nothing but a winner. Here are the best FIFA 22 hacks that you can purchase and download right now, only from PrivateCheatz.


Why FIFA 22 Hacks & Cheats?

Reasons to use FIFA 22 hacks can include:

  • Building an ultimate team without spending money on packs
  • Making the game more accessible to you and your playstyle
  • Practicing to beat specific types of players by modifying CPU attributes and practicing against them


The Best FIFA 22 Hacks & Cheats


We’ve tested and picked the best  FIFA 22 hacks, all of which are available only from PrivateCheatz. The best  FIFA 22 hack is: 


FIFA 22 Futlic Hack



The FIFA 22 Futlic hack works with Intel and AMD CPUs, and Nvidia and AMD GPUs. The hack will work on all versions of Windows 10 and 11, and it will only work on PC. 


Noteworthy Features

  • Add all traits: Make the ultimate squad member by giving them all of the best traits.
  • CPU vs CPU matches: Want to see how the AI handles your team? Sit back and watch the game play a match for you. 
  • Unlimited skill points: No more grinding for levels to unlock features - get as many skill points as you need to unlock all of the skills you want.
  • Random Origin ID: Hides your Origin ID when you play online games, and instead shows your opponent a random ID; they can’t get you banned if they don’t know your name! So we guess the Random ID spoofer is kind of like a HWID spoofer. You wont need a HWID spoofer yet for this game.


1-Day Access: $6.99

7-Day Access: $14.99

30-Day Access: $29.99



The Futlic hack is the ultimate FIFA 22 hack and has a list of features so long that we had to give it a separate link (which you can find on its product page!). Whether you want to become a beast in online matches, or if you just want to tailor your squad to your liking, this hack will have something for you. 


Which is the Best FIFA 22 Hacks & Cheats?

The best FIFA 22 Hacks & Cheats are an intersection of features, value, and ease of use. Make sure to take notes of features that are important to you when deciding on a hack to buy for FIFA 22, and if you’re in doubt, why not try a 1-Day Access Pass?


To recap, here are the best FIFA 22 hacks & cheats:


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