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What Are HWID Spoofers and How Do They Work?

By Tom Capper – Last Updated: June 1 2022


Hacking in online games is as safe as you make it - if you’re using hacks in a newly released game that’s receiving active support from developers, you have a high likelihood of being banned. Hacking in an older game that no longer is being updated, or is more than 5 years out from its initial release date, means that you have almost no risk of being banned.

Even if you take every precaution possible against being banned for hacking in an online game, and you use hacks carefully… you might still be banned. While we have a good understanding of how anti-cheat detection works in games, it’s impossible to fully predict what will and won’t trigger it.

If you are caught hacking, you might get an account ban and be forced to start from 0 again in the game you've put hours into. This is the best-case scenario, and it’s also a rare one. What’s more likely to happen is you get a whole system ban, meaning unless you buy a new PC, you can never play the game you were banned from again. 

The good news is that there’s still hope - even if you’ve already been banned. HWID spoofers are tools that are essential for hacking these days, and they act as your skeleton key and your last line of defense against being banned. 

Want to learn about an HWID spoofer? And how do you know if an HWID spoofer is worth it? We’ll be breaking down what an HWID spoofer is, how it works, and why you need one. 


HWID Spoofer Features

  • System-wide anonymity
  • Bypass historical system bans from games
  • Prevent future system bans
  • Bypass any anti-cheat 


Why use an HWID Spoofer?


The number one answer to the question “why use an HWID spoofer” is simple; peace of mind. Think of an HWID spoofer like house insurance. Your likelihood of needing to claim on your house insurance is somewhat low, so you might skip out on insurance to save yourself an extra cost.

But a low chance isn’t a 0 chance. And if something unfortunate does happen to your house, and you don’t have insurance…you might be paying much more than you anticipated, both in cash and in the emotional fatigue dealing with the situation can cause you.

Just like the above situation, your likelihood of being caught using our hacks is low…but never zero. If it happens to you, you’re going to wish you had an HWID spoofer.

An HWID spoofer is something that can be bought at the same time as you purchase a hack, usually for a discounted price. Even if you think you’ll never need it, it’s best not to risk putting yourself in a situation where you lose access to a game you’ve dedicated so much time to.


How do HWID Spoofers work?

Every PC, Laptop, or device of any kind has some sort of unique identifier associated with it. On Windows devices, this is called an HWID, standing for Hardware Identification. This is an ID that Microsoft uses to ensure that the version of Windows you bought isn’t being used on any other system - basically, it’s an anti-piracy measure.

When a game issues a system ban to a player, what they’re banning is this HWID. Most online games will check the HWID of your system when you load into the game and reference this against its list of banned HWIDs.

The role of an HWID spoofer is simple; it changes this HWID. Or more accurately, it masks your HWID to appear differently. While you can’t fully change your HWID, you can fool applications into reading your HWID as something different than what it is.

This means that even if your system's HWID has been banned, the game you were banned from won’t be able to see past the identifier that your HWID spoofer shows. To the game's knowledge, you are a brand new system that has never been banned before. 


Are HWID Spoofers Safe?

An HWID spoofer is designed to keep you safe, but you also want to be confident that the spoofer itself isn't malicious. Usually, apps that modify elements of your system at an integrated level, such as its HWID, only do so for nefarious purposes.

The good news is that an HWID spoofer is entirely safe because it doesn’t modify anything. It simply masks your HWID and makes it appear differently. Think of it as putting your PC HWID in a box. Your original identifier is still intact, but it’s hidden from view. 

All of the HWID spoofers that we sell are also 100% safe and tested for any malware, adware, spyware, or any other harmful virus. It’s always best to buy an HWID spoofer from a trusted source, and never download a ‘free’ spoofer - these could pose a risk to your PC.


Best Games to Use an HWID Spoofer

  • Fortnite:Because Fortnite is so popular, it needs to take a harsh stance against hackers to set an example. If you’re caught cheating in Fortnite, there’s a high risk of being HWID banned. 
  • PUBG: PUBG has a history of using system bans against hackers without mercy - if you’re going to hack in PUBG, it’s better to be safe rather than sorry. 
  • Valorant: The anti-cheat in Valorant is one of the most advanced systems there is, Prepare for anything by installing an HWID spoofer. We have a HWID Spoofer just for valorant
  • EFT: You will 100% need a HWID spoofer for eft when using EFT cheats without a doubt.
  • Apex: Many of our Apex cheats come with a HWID spoofer, but you will want a more private one like the V2 spoofer.
  • Vanguard: Our v2 spoofer works great for Vanguard.
  • DayZ: DayZ used BattlEye, choose the v2 spoofer when hacking on DayZ.
  • Overwatch: it’s better to be safe rather than sorry. Use a HWID spoofer when using Overwatch hacks!
  • : Playing with hacks, as they use BattlEye you are going to want to use a spoofer to keep safe!
  • Rust: When using rust hacks you will need a HWID spoofer, because EAC is one of the most advanced anticheats!


Whether you’re new to hacking or have been using cheats for years now, an HWID spoofer should be part of your toolkit. It’s your last line of defense, and the best way to not worry about being banned from an online game ever again. Your will need to use a HWID spoofer when using a hack feature like Aimbot, ESP & No recoil hacks

Remember to look out for hacks that come with an included HWID spoofer, as these will offer the best value and are often easy to use alongside your other cheats!

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