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2 Best DayZ Hacks & Cheats

By Tom Capper – Last Updated: June 14, 2022


DayZ is perhaps one of the most inspiring success stories in gaming. Starting as a mod for the military simulation game ARMA 3, DayZ went on to become hugely popular and drew in players even from outside of the game’s target audience. 

As with any game that’s been out for some years now, starting from fresh can be difficult. You need to know where to find resources, where the best place to set up a base is, and how to get weapons to defend yourself.

If any of these things have discouraged you from playing DayZ, you’re in luck; we’re bringing you 2 of the best DayZ hacks & cheats that are designed to make getting into the game easier. Even if you’ve already played DayZ, we’re sure these hacks will have something that interests you. 


Why DayZ Hacks & Cheats?

Because DayZ itself was originally a hack for another game, it makes sense that there are so many great hacks for the standalone game. The developers of DayZ encourage mods and hacks by frequently making updates to the game that make modding easier. 


Here are some of the reasons that you might want to use DayZ hacks & cheats: 

  • Using an ESP to find resources for crafting and building
  • Making PvE easier with an aimbot or radar hack to eliminate grind
  • Having fun on a private server with your friends by using OP hacks
  • Using hacks that provide more customizability in settings to help accessibility of performance


The 2 Best DayZ Hacks & Cheats

We’ve tested and picked the best DayZ hacks, all of which are available only from PrivateCheatz. The top 2 DayZ hacks are: 


1. DayZ Intel Hack



The Intel hack for DayZ is custom-built for Intel CPUs, and to run it you will need to enable virtualization. This means that this hack will be highly optimized and is guaranteed to run well on your system. Intel products usually include a HWID spoofer. How do HWID spoofers work? Read our guide about it.


Noteworthy Features

  • Player, Enemy NPC, and Item ESP: Whether your opponent is real or not, the ESP in this hack will find them. It will also show you valuable resources.
  • Environment changes: Remove Grass to make your performance smoother, make it daylight in an instant, or clear the weather using this hack.
  • Radar hack: A customizable minimap to make sure that you’re always aware of potential threats.



1-Day Access: $15.99

7-Days Access: $69.99

30-Days Access: $119.99



The Intel hack for DayZ gives you everything you could want in a hack for a survival game. This is an all-around cheat that will benefit you whether you’re new to the game or already a veteran, and we recommend it for those who are looking for a long-term DayZ hack to use for a while. 



2. DayZ Army Hack



The Army hack for DayZ supports Intel and AMD CPUs, as well as Nvidia and AMD GPUs. It will only support Windows 10 however. 

Noteworthy Features

  • Render distance adjustment: Improve your FPS by lowering your render distance, or increasing it to see more of your environment.
  • Adjustable FOV: A higher FOV will help you to be more aware of your surroundings, and can make the game more comfortable.
  • Magic bullet: A new development in hacks that means your shot always hits a target, no matter which direction you fire.



1-Day Access: $10.90

7-Days Access: $54.00

30-Days Access: $104.99



The Army hack is a lightweight hack that’s easy to use and focuses on improving your in-game experience. We recommend this for people with lower-end systems that would like to play DayZ with a smoother framerate.


Which is the Best DayZ Hacks & Cheats?

There is a wide selection of DayZ hacks for you to discover, and we’ve only featured a couple of our top picks here. No matter which hacks you are looking for, always buy from a trusted site like PrivateCheatz for the best price and the safest hacks. 


To recap, here are the best DayZ hacks & cheats:



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