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What Are Aimbots and How Do They Work?

By Tom Capper – Last Updated: May 31 2022


Aimbots are a type of software that allows players to automatically aim and shoot enemies in video games. They can be used in online multiplayer games to give players an advantage over their opponents. In this guide, we will discuss what they are, how they work, and the different types of Aimbots available. We will also provide tips on how to protect yourself from them while playing online games.


What are Aimbots?

Aimbots are used in first-person shooter (FPS) games and are a type of cheating software. They are designed to help players aim and shoot their weapons more accurately. Aimbots can be used in online multiplayer games to give players an advantage over their opponents. In some cases, aimbots can also be used to automatically fire weapons.

In other words, these tools make the players almost inhumanly perfect at aiming, giving them a distinct advantage over others in the game who do not have access to such software. 

Aimbots are usually undetectable by other players and can be used to score headshots or kill enemies with ease. However, some aimbots can be easily detected by other players if they are not used properly.


How do Aimbots Work?

Aimbots work by using the player’s input device (usually a mouse or controller) to calculate the position of their crosshair on the screen. They then use this information to aim and shoot their weapons automatically. Aimbots can also be configured to automatically fire weapons when they are aimed at an enemy player.

When a player has an aimbot installed, they will be able to shoot enemies with ease. The aimbot will make sure that their crosshair is always on target, making it easier for them to score headshots or kill enemies.


Types of Aimbots

There are two main types of aimbots: client-side and server-side. Whether you are a pro gamer or a beginner, it is worth knowing the difference between these two types of aimbots.

Client-Side Aimbots

Client-side aimbots are installed on the player’s computer and work by injecting code into the game client. They are undetectable by most anti-cheat software and can give players a significant advantage over their opponents. However, they can be detected if the game client is inspected closely.

Server-Side Aimbots

Server-side aimbots are less common and are run on the game server. They have to be approved by the server administrator and can only be used in private games. Server-side aimbots are detectable by anti-cheat software and will usually result in a ban from the server.


How to Protect Yourself from Aimbots

As we have covered, aimbots cause an advantage for players with access to them over those who don’t. In online multiplayer games, this can create an unfair playing field and make the game less fun for everyone involved.

If you are concerned about being at a disadvantage against players who use aimbots, there are a few things you can do to protect yourself. The first is to only play on servers that have anti-cheat software installed. This will make it more difficult for aimbot users to gain an advantage.

Another thing you can do is to report any suspected aimbot users to the game administrators or developers. If enough people report the same player, they may be banned from the game or server.

Finally, you can avoid playing with players who you suspect are using aimbots. Of course, this is not always up to you depending on the game but by avoiding matchmaking with these players, you can help to keep the playing field fairer.


In Which Games are Aimbots Used?

Aimbots are most commonly used in FPS games but can be used in other genres such as battle royale, MOBA, and even card games.


FPS Games

First-person shooter games are the most popular genre for aimbot users. This is because they require precise aiming and shooting skills to be successful. Aimbots can give players an advantage over their opponents by making sure that their crosshair is always on target. Some of the most popular FPS games for aimbot users include:

Battle Royale Games

Battle royale games are another popular genre for aimbot users. In these games, players are dropped into a large map and must fight to be the last person standing. Aimbots can give players an advantage by making it easier to find and kill enemies. Some of the most popular battle royale games for aimbot users include:


MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) games are another genre where aimbots can be used. In these games, players control characters with unique abilities and must work together to defeat their opponents. Aimbots can make it easier for players to score kills and win matches. Some of the most popular MOBA games for aimbot users include:


Are Aimbots Legal?

The use of aimbots is considered cheating in most online games and is often against the terms of service. This means that if you are caught using an aimbot, you could be banned from the game or server. However, there are some games where the use of aimbots is allowed though these are far and few between.


Should I Use Aimbots?

While aimbots can alter the game significantly, if you are in a situation where you can use them, it’s up to you whether or not you want to. If you are caught using an aimbot in a game where they are not allowed, you could be banned from the game which may not be worth the risk.

Although, they can give you quite the advantage in-game and as such, if being banned is not a concern of yours, then using aimbots can be a fun way to play the game. Just remember to use them responsibly and try to be sneaky about it so you don’t get caught!


Final Thoughts

In conclusion, aimbots are often a topic of controversy in the gaming community. Some people believe that they give players an unfair advantage while others see them as a fun way to play the game. However, no matter your stance on them, knowing how they work is important.

This guide from PrivateCheatz has hopefully provided you with some insight into the world of aimbots and how they work. We have also covered some of the most popular games where aimbots are used as well as whether or not they are legal and provided some tips on avoiding them. Happy aiming!


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