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3 Best Rust Hacks & Cheats

By Tom Capper – Last Updated: June 1, 2022


When Rust was released, fans of the survival genre were impressed at how in-depth the game was, especially for a small studio. Even with no AAA funding, Rust has more content than a lot of AAA games these days.

There are a lot of active RP communities in the game that prefer to tell stories and only engage in combat if they have to.

Then of course there’s the hardcore PvP scene, where base-building and FPS skill is essential to survival.

No matter which type of Rust player you are, you can have a lot more fun with the game by using Rust hacks & cheats…and we’re happy to provide them. Let us guide you on your journey through Rust hacks, mods, cheats, and tools by introducing you to 3 of the best Rust hacks.


Why Rust Hacks & Cheats?

Even as a casual survival game, there are still a lot of opportunities to use cheats for Rust - and despite stereotypes, many of the reasons for hacking aren’t malicious. There’s a lot more to using cheats than just trolling other players.

Some reasons to use Rust hacks include:

  • Optimizing your game time by using an ESP to find resources that you need
  • Using wallhacks to guard your base against invaders…or to help you invade someone else
  • Using an aimbot to quickly take out zombies, who are more of an annoyance than a threat at high levels


The 3 Best Rust Hacks & Cheats

We’ve tested and picked the best Rust hacks, all of which are available only from PrivateCheatz. The top 3 Rust hacks are: 


1. Rust Intel Hack


The Intel hack for Rust is built by a team of developers who are experts at optimizing their hacks for Intel CPUs - this does mean that the hack won’t work with an AMD CPU however. 


Noteworthy Features

  • Instant heal: This feature gets rid of the animation for healing, and as long as you have the necessary items, you’ll always get to full health in an instant.
  • Gravity modifier: See that mountain? You can climb it…or fly right over it, by using this hack to make your character weightless.
  • Class presets: Easily save and load your hack loadout, and label them using specific classes and playstyles.



1-Day Access: $24.99

7-Day Access: $79.99

30-Day Access: $159.99



There are too many features of this hack to list, but you can see for yourself that the Intel hack for Rust is a huge value for money pack - you’ll never need another Rust hack again if you use this cheat. What makes it even better is that you get an HWID spoofer included, at no extra cost. 



2. Rust Hyperion Hack


The Hyperion hack for Rust is a highly compatible hack that will work with both major CPU manufacturers (Intel and AMD), as well as both Nvidia and AMD GPUs. This is an external hack, which makes it much harder to detect by anti-cheat software.

Noteworthy Features

  • Item and enemy ESP: This configurable ESP will show you enemies' health, distance, hitboxes, and more - and gathering will become much easier, as you can use the ESP to highlight specific items and resources.
  • Always day: Improve visibility, or even just enjoy the sunshine by having the ability to disable the day/night cycle in Rust.
  • No recoil and spread: Remove recoil and spread from weapons altogether with this hack, or simply use the recoil compensator for a stealthier approach.



1-Day Access: $12.99

7-Day Access: $54.99



The Hyperion Rust hack offers all of the features you would expect from a survival game hack but to a high standard of quality. This is our pick for an all-around hack that will serve you well for many years of playing Rust. Hyperion does not come with a HWID spoofer, you will need to get a seperate one. We recommend the v2 spoofer.



3. Rust Army Hack



The Rust Army hack works with Nvidia and AMD GPUs, and Intel and AMD CPUs. This is an external cheat, and it will only work with specific versions of Windows 10. 


Noteworthy Features

  • Custom sky: Change the color of the sky that you see in-game. Make it pink, green, orange…why? Because you can!
  • Local hacks: A whole host of mini-hacks are available to you with this pack, including speedhacks, infinite stamina, and no fall damage hacks.
  • Aimbot targeting filter: Have the aimbot in this pack specifically target wounded players or NPCs.



1-Day Access: $11.99

7-Day Access: $54.00

30-Day Access: $109.90



As one of the cheapest Rust hacks we offer, the Army hack is a steal. You get several exclusive features that not only help you to be more skilled at Rust but are just plain fun to use - which is the spirit of the game. 



Which is the Best Rust Hacks & Cheats?

The best Rust Hacks & Cheats are an intersection of features, value, and ease of use. Make sure to take notes of features that are important to you when deciding on a hack to buy for Rust, and if you’re in doubt, why not try a 1-Day Access Pass? 


To recap, here are the best Rust hacks & cheats:

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