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2 Best Valorant Hacks & Cheats

By Tom Capper – Last Updated: June 1, 2022


Valorant has quickly become one of the most influential games of this generation - since its release in 2020, it has become THE FPS game to play. Whether you want to engage with its intense competitive scene or are just looking for a game to mess around in with friends, this is one of the most full-featured hero shooters that you can play.

This is not only one of the most popular games to play, but also is consistently one of the most popular Twitch games to play.

Being made by the same developers as the infamous League of Legends, you can also expect that Valorant will have a thriving high-end scene…and just like League of Legends, you can expect that there’s always going to be someone better at Valorant than you are.

Succeeding in this game is a mixture of picking the best character for the situation, honing your aim, having good map knowledge, and just knowing what you’re doing in an online shooter. If that sounds like a lot of effort, that’s because it is.

Losing sucks, and we know that better than anyone. That’s why we have the solution; hacks & cheats for Valorant. PrivateCheatz is bringing you 2 of the best Valorant hacks that you can use for casual, ranked, or even custom matches!


Why Valorant Hacks & Cheats?

As an online game, there’s always some risk of being banned for hacks in Valorant. Despite this, many people still use hacks and are safe from bans or suspensions.

Some reasons to use Valorant hacks & cheats can include:

  • Progressing faster when solo-queuing in ranked game modes
  • Messing around in custom games with friends
  • Finding new ways to play and creating new game modes
  • Making the game more accessible for you


The 2 Best Valorant Hacks & Cheats

We’ve tested and picked the best Valorant hacks, all of which are available only from PrivateCheatz. The top 2 Valorant hacks are:


1. Valorant Hyperion Hack



The Hyperion hack for Valorant will work with AMD and Intel CPUs, as well as Nvidia and AMD GPUs. The hack also has high compatibility, as it will work with all versions of Windows 10 and some versions of Windows 11. 


Noteworthy Features

  • Aimbot w/ Triggerbot: Trust the AI to aim and shoot for you, and to always be accurate and difficult to detect. 
  • Detailed enemy ESP: See enemy distance, health, ammo, and even more with this highly specialized ESP. 
  • Save/load feature: With so much customization in this hack, you can have different load-outs for different situations; switching between them is easy when you can save your presets and load them again later.



1-Day Access: $9.99

7-Day Access: $49.99

30-Day Access: $99.99



This is a powerful ESP cheat that also has the bonus of being stream-proof, making the Hyperion hack the perfect choice for an up-and-coming Valorant streamer who wants to impress their viewers with their skills.



2. Valorant Multi-Legit Hack


The Valorant Multi-Legit hack will work with both major CPU brands, as well as the major GPU types. It will only work on specific Windows 10 versions, so, please make sure to check your compatibility before buying this hack. 

Noteworthy Features

  • Visibility checks: This hack will protect you from a ban by not aiming at enemies that you cannot see. 
  • Teammate check: This is another feature that can help protect you from being detected, as the hack will ignore teammates and not aim at them. 
  • Aimbot smoothing: Make your aimbot act more like a real player, meaning that you won’t be detected by automated anti-cheat or even human spectators. This doesn't have a no recoil hack.



1-Day Access: $12.95

7-Day Access: $59.99

30-Day Access: $119.99



The Multi-Legit hack for Valorant is one of the best hacks to use if you’re new to hacking, as it is easy to use and simple to set up. It can also give you peace of mind with its anti-detection features. 


Which is the Best Valorant Hacks & Cheats?

Still unsure about the best Valorant Hacks & Cheats? Why not buy a 1-day pass and try them out for yourself? Buying from PrivateCheatz is easy and safe, and you’ll have access to our customer support team to help with any concerns that you might have.


To recap, here are the best Valorant hacks & cheats:

We also have a high quality valorant HWID spoofer! Do you know how a HWID spoofer work's? We crafted a guide just for our reader's you can find the article on our blog.


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