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What Are Valorant Hacks & Cheats and How Do They Work?

By Tom Capper – Last Updated: June 9, 2022


With the release of and subsequent huge popularity of battle royale games, people argued for many years that the hero shooter was a dead genre. So when Riot Games released their newest game, Valorant, it turned out to be exactly that…and people were surprised and suspicious.

Nobody could have predicted that Valorant would have led to a revival of the archetype as a whole. It quickly dethroned the previous king, Overwatch, and is now one of the most played, streamed, and talked about games on the internet.

What is it that sets Valorant apart from every other hero shooter that tried, and failed, to capitalize on the OW hype (looking at you Battleborn)? One of the main reasons was the pedigree behind the development team. Riot Games. Being the developers of the astronomically popular League of Legends, and the mobile hit Teamfight Tactics, when you hear they're involved with a new game you know you’re going to get a quality experience.

Another reason is that from the start, Valorant was clear about the type of game that it wanted to be. This is an e-sports-focused game that lives and dies by its competitive scene. There are options for playing casually, but to experience the true potential of Valorant’s agents, you need to jump into a ranked match.

The characters in the game are designed to excel in specific situations; Sage can heal your team and protect from enemy advances using her barrier, and Killjoy can create defensive chokepoints using her turrets…none of these characters can succeed alone, however. You need the right team of agents for each unique situation.

With a new FPS as popular as Valorant, everyone wants to get in on the hype. Whether you want to start your esports career, or are looking for the best new game to stream on Twitch, Valorant lobbies are the place to be.

Learning the game takes time, and let's face it; people who have been playing since launch are probably better than you. They’re going to kill you, and you’re not going to have much fun…unless, that is, you start using Valorant hacks.

Interested? We’ll give you everything you need to know about the best hacks for Valorant, so keep reading!


Valorant Hacks Features

  • Aimbot: Kills are everything in Valorant; don’t let a shaky hand or a bad day let you down. Use an aimbot hack to always hit your targets, and make the difference between a rank-up and a demotion back to bronze. People also use no recoil hacks to increase accuracy.
  • Visibility checking: The speedrun strategy to getting banned for using an aimbot is having it snap to a player who’s behind a wall…our aimbots are smart enough to know when an enemy is out of your line of sight, and won’t aim at them.
  • Enemy ESP: Know who’s coming for you before they even get close to you, and prepare depending on their health, remaining ammo, and skill status. People also know ESP as a wallhack.


Why use Valorant Hacks?

While Valorant is a watertight experience thanks to its road-mapped content updates, high-quality development, and healthy competitive scene, there’s no denying that it's a difficult game. You can’t start playing and go from iron to radiant in a couple of hours. No matter if this is your first hero FPS or you’re an experienced veteran, Valorant has a steep learning curve.

And as with every online, team-based FPS game, the harsh truth is that no matter how good of a player you are, having bad teammates is the difference between winning and losing. There’s no way to control who you get paired with unless you have a group of friends who are also elite at Valorant.

Hacks can provide you with consistency in your games. You can easily make up for someone who can’t aim at a target with Neon (no pun intended) lights, by having a high-quality aimbot to turn on if the situation calls for it. Valorant hacks will save you from a game-ruining, and even rank-ruining moment. 


How do Valorant Hacks work?


Most Valorant hacks are developed by developers who have experience in game programming and have an intimate understanding of how online games work. Most hacks function thanks to the client-server model that online games use.

The client is what you know as the game. It’s what launches when you click on Valorant on your desktop and is how you can play the game. However, unlike traditional single-player games, save data isn’t stored on your PC.

Instead, the Valorant server is what has your character and account data, including your rank, skins, friends, and more. Your game client communicates with the larger Valorant server every time you do anything in a game, and it also receives data from this server to determine if you got hit, and for how much damage. 

Valorant hacks modify this data and make the server think that things are happening that may not be. If you’re using a flick aim hack, for example, your hack will tell the server that you hit an enemy player even if you shoot nowhere near them. The server will just take the client's word for it. 


Are Valorant Hacks Safe?

Being such a popular game, you might be concerned about the difficulty of hacking in Valorant. If the system detects a hack being used, it will terminate the game for all players. However, in almost every case the only way that anti-cheat is detected is if players don’t take the right precautions. This might include not using the “off after kill” setting on an aimbot, or immediately seeking out players they can see when using a radar hack.

As long as you’re sensible when using Valorant hacks, you won’t have any trouble. We also recommend using an HWID spoofer to protect your PC from a system ban, just in case. You have to always take into account that no hack is undetectable, so there is a risk when cheating in valorant!


Best Hacks for Valorant 



Valorant hacks are the fastest way to climb the ranks in this upcoming FPS game - we can’t wait to see how its popularity grows in the future, and you won’t want to miss any of the new hacks we have coming out for Valorant in 2022. 


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