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What Are Anti-Cheat Systems and How Do They Work?

By Tom Capper – Last Updated: June 2, 2022


Game development is a complicated process involving a lot of consideration for different features that need to be in the game, as well as their impact on the end-user. Many players aren’t aware of how much goes into making a game, as what you see when you’re playing is only the surface level.

One of the more well-known aspects of a game is anti-cheat systems. In most cases, it's assumed that a game will have some form of anti-cheat, and people are usually interested in how strong this will be and which type of anti-cheat it is.

The purpose of anti-cheat is relatively self-explanatory - it's designed to prevent hacks and cheats from being used in games, and is usually mostly used by developers of online games. However, the effectiveness of anti-cheat, and the way it goes about preventing cheating, is much more nuanced than it may appear.

For example, do you know about the different methods that anti-cheat systems use? Do you know about the main anti-cheat developers? And perhaps most importantly, do you know how you can bypass anti-cheat?

This article will introduce anti-cheat on a basic level and talk about the most popular types of anti-cheat that you can find in online games. We’ll be going over how anti-cheat works and how hacks & cheats are designed to hide from automated anti-cheat systems. 


Anti-Cheat System Features

  • Passive cheat detection
  • Cheat prevention and anti-cheating measures
  • Identification of game bugs and exploits that can lead to cheating
  • Server-side and client-side cheat detection


What is Anti-Cheat?

Anti-cheat refers to any software that prevents or deters cheating in video games. Anti-cheat can be active or passive. In the case of the former, the anti-cheat will actively look for people using hacks & cheats and issue limits or bans to their account in real-time, feeding this information back to developers.

Passive anti-cheat on the other hand will acknowledge when a player is using cheats, and record information about the player and the hack they were using. This information is then given to developers who can impose whichever measures they see fit on these players.

Most commonly there are two ways of implementing anti-cheat in video games. The anti-cheat can be baked into the game, and in this case, is often developed in tandem with the game. Games that use this method include the newer entries in the Call of Duty series, with their purpose-built Ricochet anti-cheat system. 

Anti-cheat systems can also be an external tool that runs alongside the game. Companies develop external anti-cheat to sell to game developers, who can then easily implement it into their games. The benefit of this type of anti-cheat is that it has a large database of identified hacks that it can pull from to quickly and accurately ban players.


Why do Games use Anti-Cheat Systems?

The main argument in favor of the use of anti-cheat in video games is that hacks & cheats can make a game less profitable. The theory is that if a player sees someone abuse hacks, or has hacks maliciously used against them, they will stop playing the game and will not recommend it to others. They may leave a negative review about their experience, which will deter future players from buying the game.

As more games move towards a live-service model, utilizing either a subscription or microtransactions to make a profit, anti-cheat serves a more integral purpose. Malicious hacks can upset the balance of a game and can make it harder for honest players to enjoy the game. People won’t spend money on a game when they’re not having fun, so not punishing cheaters leads to an overall loss of revenue for developers. 


How does Anti-Cheat work?

There’s no single answer to the question of ‘how does anti-cheat work’ because there are so many different anti-cheat systems that all work in different ways. In general, anti-cheat will look for suspicious behavior of players and use this data to determine if the player is cheating or not. 

The anti-cheat may match player behavior against historical hacker behavior, to try and determine if cheats are being used. The more players that the anti-cheat bans, the smarter it becomes. 

Anti-cheat may also look at the applications that someone is running on their PC. Because many hacks run in external cheat loaders, the anti-cheat may be able to detect when one of these loaders is open alongside the game, or if this loader is interacting with the game in any way. 


Can Anti-Cheat Detect Hacks?

Developers would like to think that their anti-cheat identifies and bans 99% of hackers…but this is far from the truth. Anti-cheat can detect obvious hacks, such as god mode hacks, egregious aimbots, Wallhacks, ESP hacks, No recoil hacks, Radar hacks and they can even detected HWID spoofers. It can also identify and ban malicious hacks, as the anti-cheat may be trained to prioritize banning these types of cheats. 

Thankfully, if you’re sensible when you use hacks, you likely have nothing to worry about from even the most sophisticated anti-cheat systems. Remember to always use hacks that can be turned off easily, and don’t overuse certain hacks that are obvious to other players.


Most Popular Anti-Cheat Systems

  • Easy Anti-Cheat: Perhaps the most popular external anti-cheat, this system is developed by Epic Games and is free for developers to use. Because it is the most popular, it is also the most well-researched anti-cheat and is easy to bypass.
  • BattlEye: This anti-cheat is used in games such as PUBG, and DayZ. It isn’t a particularly threatening system and is designed with compatibility rather than effectiveness in mind. 



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