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2 Best Overwatch Hacks & Cheats

By Tom Capper – Last Updated: June 1, 2022


With the recent hype around Overwatch 2, you might have forgotten about the original Overwatch. Or, if you’ve been lucky enough to be able to play OW2, then you might not think that there’s much reason for you to go back to this 2016 title.

When a sequel to online game releases, the developers expect that every player from the first game will purchase and migrate to the second game; this couldn’t be further from the truth of what happens though.

Instead, these older games are given new life through hacks and cheats. Tired old maps become playgrounds for fresh and exciting hacks.

Don’t want to spend $60 on OW2 but are still craving that hero-shooter experience? Overwatch is waiting for you, and we have 2 of the best Overwatch hacks & cheats that you can use right now.


Why Overwatch Hacks & Cheats?

Because there’s not as much incentive for Blizzard to ban people who hack in one of their older games, the risk of hacking in Overwatch is very low.

Some answers to the question ‘why Overwatch hacks & cheats?’ might include:

  • Making the game more accessible by changing the UI
  • Creating fun new custom game modes through the use of certain hacks
  • Making the grind to level up and get loot boxes less tedious


The 2 Best Overwatch Hacks & Cheats

We’ve tested and picked the best Overwatch hacks, all of which are available only from PrivateCheatz. The top 2 Overwatch hacks are:


1. Overwatch Artemis Hack


The Artemis hack for Overwatch supports Nvidia and AMD GPUs, and Intel and AMD CPUs. It supports Windows 10 on specific versions and is only available in English. 


Noteworthy Features

  • Aimbot w/ Triggerbot: Trust the AI to aim and shoot for you, and to always be accurate and difficult to detect. With the option of no recoil, you can trigger this on or off. 
  • Detailed enemy ESP: See enemy distance, health, ammo, and even more with this highly specialized ESP. 
  • Save/load feature: With so much customization in this hack, you can have different load-outs for different situations; switching between them is easy when you can save your presets and load them again later.



1-Day Access: $11.90

30-Day Access: $124.99



The Artemis hack is perfect for newcomers to Overwatch hacks because it offers the essentials in a neat package. The high customizability of this pack means that you’ll have an answer for every situation that the game throws at you; something that’s essential when you begin climbing the ranks. 



2. Overwatch Neon Hack


Overwatch Neon hack is a multi-functional hack that will work with specific versions of Windows 10. You can use this hack no matter if you’re using an Intel CPU or an AMD CPU. The hack is external meaning it’s much more difficult for an automated anti-cheat to detect. 

Noteworthy Features

  • Stream proof hack: This hack won’t show when capturing your display with OBS and other software, meaning that you can’t be snooped on and snitched when streaming the hack. 
  • Flick aim: Make one of the most skilled moves in FPS games as easy as pressing a single button; because it is! Make sure that you always hit a target when you flick aim with this setting.
  • Adjustable FOV:  Want to see more around you, even from just the first-person view? Now you can, by using this hack make your FOV as wide as you need it to be.



1-Day Access: $10.95



The Neon Overwatch hack has a lot of stand-out features that make it a great pick for high-end competitive play, where unpredictability is everything. It’s also our top choice for Overwatch streamers.


Which is the Best Overwatch Hacks & Cheats?

Still unsure about the best Overwatch Hacks & Cheats? You will need a HWID spoofer for overwatch just to be safe. You can always read our guide on how HWID spoofers work if you don't know. Why not buy a 1-day pass and try them out for yourself? Buying from PrivateCheatz is easy and safe, and you’ll have access to our customer support team to help with any concerns that you might have.


To recap, here are the best Overwatch hacks & cheats:



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