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What Loot to Prioritize When You First Drop into PUBG

When you drop into a round of PUBG, your first few actions will often determine if you sink or swim, and that includes the loot that you pick up. While you may be tempted to pick up anything that isn’t nailed to the floor, that’s typically not a good way to keep your inventory clean over the course of a round.

In this short guide, we’re going to take a look at some of the top pieces of gear that you should look for when you first drop into a PUBG round. Keep in mind that some of this will depend on your favorite weapons and your playstyle, while some of these picks are universal in terms of usefulness.

Top-Tier Loot

This section contains all of the loot that you’ll want to prioritize no matter what. While you still may end up dropping some of it later on if you don’t find the right items, you’ll want to be sure that you pick up any of these items because they will be a lot more likely to come in handy in the long run.

Sniper and AR Suppressors

These two kinds of items tend to be extremely useful because they mask your position when fighting enemies and they’re used for the deadliest weapons. Both sniper rifles and ARs have long engagement ranges, allowing you to kill enemies before they have any idea where you are.

Any Medical Items

Medical items can be used by anyone, regardless of whether they have a suitable weapon, and for this reason, you’ll always want to pick them up when you drop in. Something like a med kit or a bottle of painkillers can be the difference between you surviving the next shot or dying too soon to get that chicken dinner.

Scopes (4x and 8x)

Scopes are also extremely useful, especially if they’re powerful enough to allow you to engage enemies outside of their comfort zones. Combined with a suppressor, one of these two scopes might allow you to kill an enemy before they even spot you, minimizing the harm you expose yourself to.

5.56 Ammo

5.56 ammo is the most common type of ammo used by PUBG’s ARs, and these versatile weapons are usually the ones that you’ll want. ARs are so powerful because they’re flexible enough to be used effectively at longer ranges but they can also put up a good fight at short ranges.

Second-Tier Loot

This second tier of loot is a little more situational than the top tier, but if you’re still early in a match and you have space in your inventory, then there’s usually no reason why you should leave any of this gear behind. Most of it will come in handy in more specific situations, but it can still save your life.

Frag Grenades

While frag grenades may not have made the top of the list, they’re still extremely useful because they make it a lot safer to clear out buildings. However, if you’re going to carry around a bunch of frag grenades, don’t hoard them and be sure to use them if you get into a tight situation.

Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are a helpful boost, and since you can consume them whenever you need them, you can easily drink them down to make space for something better. Keep in mind that they aren’t as valuable as some of the dedicated medical items you’ll find further up on this list.

Red Dots, 2x, and Holographic Sights

All of these sights will make it a lot easier to acquire your targets and fire at them accurately, but if you ever come across a more powerful scope, then you should quickly replace them. The limited range of these sights makes them less effective at getting the jump on enemies at longer ranges.

Sniper Attachments

Sniper attachments are some of the hardest attachments to come by, but there’s no guarantee that you’re going to come across a sniper over the course of your match. If you don’t think you’re going to find one, don’t hesitate to drop these attachments to make more space for useful items.

7.62 Ammo

Second only to 5.56 ammo, 7.62 ammo is used by a wide range of weapons but it’s not quite as ubiquitous as 5.56. However, ammo is usually a good pickup and it will ensure that you can fight back when you find yourself in a difficult position.


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