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What We Know About COD Vanguard’s Gunsmith System

Since the release of Call of Duty Modern Warfare, the Gunsmith system has been a part of every Call of Duty game, and it’s been welcomed with open arms by fans. The ability to radically customize your weapon so that it fits your needs perfectly fits well with Call of Duty’s gameplay and gives you more of a reason to level your weapons.

While there were a few issues with Black Ops Cold War’s Gunsmith system, including being a lot less versatile than Modern Warfare’s, it was still there. Today, we’re going to take a look at what you can expect from the COD Vanguard Gunsmith system. We’re warning you right now, there have been some pretty controversial changes.

Ten Attachments per Weapon

You heard that right. You’ll be able to equip ten attachments on each gun in Call of Duty Vanguard, meaning that you no longer need wildcards or perks like Primary Gunfighter that allow you to boost the number of attachments. This introduces some interesting challenges when it comes to balance, however.

It remains to be seen whether or not the attachments have been toned down in Call of Duty Vanguard for release. Considering the advantages you can get from certain attachment combos in the previous two COD games, it seems like some guns would be outright broken if you could equip ten attachments on them.

Perhaps Sledgehammer Games will decide to increase the penalties that you get for using attachments, making them a tactical choice instead of an outright improvement.

It seems like it’s becoming more and more punishing to use “naked” guns in every COD game that releases, and that’s a shame for fans of the World War II era who would rather use more historical weapons. You can expect many of the attachments in Vanguard to be outright fabricated or issued in very small numbers to experimental units.

The Caliber Attachment

In Modern Warfare, we saw caliber changes available in specific weapons, like converting the M13 to .300 Blackout or the M4 to a 9mm SMG. However, these attachments were included as part of the magazine attachment. This meant that you were locked to a particular mag size when you changed calibers.

However, in Call of Duty Vanguard, the caliber attachment is going to allow players to modify the kinds of bullets that their guns shoot. It remains to be seen how many weapons this attachment will be available for and if Sledgehammer will opt for conversions that were only historical.

One example that we’ve seen so far is the conversion of shotguns to fire slugs instead of buckshot or other pellet-based ammo. Slugs allow you to turn a shotgun into what is essentially a cannon, firing an unrifled projectile that will maintain lethality at significantly longer ranges than buckshot.

Don’t Forget Secondary Weapons!

If you’re a fan of pistols, then you’ll be happy to hear that the new system in which you can mount ten attachments to your guns doesn’t only apply to primary weapons. You’ll also be able to modify your secondary weapon with up to ten attachments, allowing you to make them deadlier than ever.

With some pistols being exceedingly powerful, we may end up seeing some of the most powerful secondary weapons in a Call of Duty game due to this new attachment system. If you like to run around with handguns as if they were your primary weapon, this system will probably suit you immensely.

Mini Perks

Weapons now also have access to mini-perks, which take up an attachment slot but don’t actually consist of attaching something to a weapon in the first place. This perk system was first seen in Call of Duty Modern Warfare, in which you could increase the melee speed of your weapon, the amount of ammo you spawn with, or the reload speed.

However, the main difference is that COD Vanguard features two kinds of mini-perks depending on what they affect when it comes to your weapon. For example, the Proficiency mini-perk slot allows you to change how your weapon performs, and this includes the classic Sleight of Hand.

On the other hand, you can change how your weapon performs using the Kit mini-perk. These perks affect things like how you melee using the weapon or how much ammo you’re able to spawn with.

These will allow you to fully tailor how your weapons perform without necessarily having to put attachments on them, which is an appreciated addition for players who like cleaner-looking guns.

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